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CP 9

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WOW is about the best word to describe, oh and AWESOME, I use those words to describe all that came!!! AND A BIG THANK YOU to Ms. Suzann for all the great things she did and all the hard work she put in, Thank you GIRL< I miss you already!!!

Pictures will be coming after editing...LOL just kidding...

We had some first timers, and some old timers and it was just a great mix. CHITOWN was all they said it was and more, the weather was great, food awesome and the company FANTASTIC!

I am so blessed I got to see old friends and meet new ones. Like Emily said, I really encourage any and all to come, its an experience you will NEVER and I Mean NEVER forget! You will walk away with the biggest smile on your face and a warmth in your heart that will NEVER go away, thats how I felt when I left Chitown...

Love all you guys...HUGS

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to here you had a wonderful time.maybe someday when it is close to Kentucky i will get to go...Godbless....johnnybegood

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It was really special meeting you. I hope you got the photo I sent you. I'm really glad I ran around the first night taking pics with everyone for keepsakes.

Memorable and precious time....

peace, emily

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getting to meet you and your family, you are a real blessing, was just so great to get to met you in person.....


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Dear Beth,

I'm very happy to see you all have great time! I wish I'm a bit closer to join you all.

Love Dora

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how jelous I'm ! BtW Was Buzzard there? it's been a few days since he is not posting and I thought he cut be there!

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I was only able to come and meet the gang Thursday Night, the opening night of CP9.
I had in-laws and other family in from out of town that whole weekend.

I wish I could have met and bonded with you all, but I am not surprised to hear Beth's praise of the experience.

So glad Chicago weather was glorious (except fro Friday nite deluge!) and all had a good time.


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Had a great time and feel refreshed after a wonderful weekend (despite the late nights :-). Special thanks to you Suzanne for all the organizing and feeding and caring for us all.

all the best, Leslie

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I am smiling from ear to ear thinking about all of you together having such a good time! Can't wait to see pics!!!


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Hugs to all the semi-colons. Beth, I miss you already so I had to check in to see if you were back in action. Great time in Chicago! What a beautiful city! I had no idea.
Those of you even considering CP10 start planning now. Don and I went to our first in Nashville, thinking that if the people who came were strange, what an understatement, that we would just enjoy a vacation. Now after our 5th CP, I can hardly wait to do it again.
I pop in sometimes but am not a regular. With stage 4 and 6 years behind me now, I go to my scan next week feeling fairly confident, but I know where I've been and where you are. Hang in there everyone and look forward not backwards. Hugs, Jo Ann

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