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If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away

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A friend of mine posted a song on facebook and it is a good song to listen to. It's called If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away by Justin Moore if you would like to look it up on the internet. It hits too close to home for me since I just lost my mom this year which I finally got her buried a couple of weeks ago and losing my dad at 6 years old. Of course my kids not being able to know him. Just thought I would post this if anyone would like to look it up on youtube. I would do it in a heartbeat if I could and I am sure all of you would too.

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It is a good song, Karen, and the first time I heard it I cried, too. It was not long after I lost my mama.

The second time I heard it I was able to hear it with a different spirit. Just the thought of being able to go visit those people I miss was very uplifting and it made me happy to think about it.


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My kids requested this song for the video we had at my husbands funeral. It is a very moving song. I have mixed feelings every time I hear it but really do like it.

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