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Choose to live

Joyce Obrien

I' ve been a cancer servivor for almost 5 years. Both my saliva and Thyroid glands function at about 10% so I'm on medication for this, my hearing and eyesight on my left side are deminished, my ear is constantly full of fluid, which I had a mastoidectomy performed on that didn't work. My immune system sucks. I've had a very painful bout with shingles, which I've been told I could have again in a couple of years. Needless to say I'm not a very "happycamper". But this book was recommended to me by my doctor, and it has helped me change my outlook on my life. I've accepted that this is not the smae body that I've known for the last 51 years and I'm learning to live with that

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Joyce OBrien.com


I am going on 10 years, and your right it sucks most of the time. But when it get about 8 years your will get more used to your body because it will stop changing so much. Good Luck and my god be with you.

Did you take chemo and radiation after being diagnosed? What type of cancer were you diagnosed with, and when?

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