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J Pouch

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Hi to you folks,
I usually post on the H&N (head & neck)site, but came here as I have had my colon removed, 3 years ago, and have a J-Pouch now. I have lived with colon problems for many years and was diagnosed with familial polyposis (sort of). Anyway, I got the J-Pouch to replace my colon. You can look it up on how it is done...Just want to add my 2 cents in case someone is getting their colon removed as to what my experiences have been....The J Pouch was installed instead of a colostomy or ileostomy....It works great and I thought I'd try to educate someone about my experiences as I said earlier....
My wishes and prayers to all of you......

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I've also got a j-pouch and most of my problems are going to the bathroom about 10-15 times a day. Diet doesn't seem to matter. Glad that you are doing well with it. Thanks for offering to help others out there.


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I'm not in need of that information, but I think it's great that you've come to share with those who do.


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you can find me on the Head and neck site about 4 lines below Colorectal on the discussion boards.....all the best to you folks. I never had colon cancer but my mother and brother did. I got gene tested and decided to remove colon altogether...Thought I was done then got unrelated H&N cancer..jjeeezzzz.....always somethin'
My best to you all

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