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brain scan

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Well, was taken to ER twice in last 2 weeks for shortness of breath, dizziness. Found to have pneumonia, plus magnesium and potassium were real low. Had heart palpatations. So, admitted me for 3 diff antibiotics and mag and potassium, and heart monitor for 3 days. Did cat scan, 2 chest x-rays and brain scan.

Discharged yesterday and told today that the lung mass has progressed since I started the new Topo chemo in August. Brain scan shows 6 mets in brain. There were zero in July scan.

Onco office gave me options today: stop the chemo, start with hospice...outlook of 1 month.

2nd op: Start new brain radition next week, have fluid around heart needled out, do 10 rad sessions and do short chemo after that. outlook of 3-6 months.

I have to let doc know by tomorrow morning. She gave me pill for anti-brain swelling and called a script in for me, as I showed signs of dizziness. She also made me leave my car and taxi home.

I have to tell my boyfriend when he gets home (we live together for last 7 years). I have to tell my older sister and 2 nieces who live out of state.

I've been thru soooooo much since diagnosed in dec 2009. At this point now, I think I will forgo the treatments and make myself realize that the 1 month expectancy is real.

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I wish you strength and grace to make it through the coming days. You are wise to let your family know what is going on so that they can make arrangements to be with you.

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Kelli, that you have been thru so much with this dreaded disease. I don't know the details of your cancer but am sure you have gotten second opinions in the past. My heart goes out to you as you reach this fork in your journey and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. I pray that you find the peace within, that you need so desperately, to make the decisions concerning tx. God bless and may the Spirit touch your heart.

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Dear Kelli, I was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4 back in Jan 11, It was so scary at first thinking of dying but now I'm at peace with the idea. The only thing I cry about is my two young, single children. When it's my turn to make the decision, if no med treatment will do my body anymore good, I'll take the one month. That's not giving up, that's the end of the battle and put all my trust in god. Dying isn't the end, just a temporary goodbye to our loved ones, we'll see them again very soon in a much better place without suffering. We're just happened to leave this world first and our reason was cancer.
Good luck to you, may god bless you with so much peace in your heart and soul.

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