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colostomy revision

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Hi all, Hubby was operated on today, a colostomy revision. Having the colostomy since
January, the bleeding had gotten so bad he would have to lay down and apply
pressure to it for 10 minutes or so in order to get it to stop. For the revision, they
recut the area around it and the edge of the stoma as well.(do not understand this)
He asked them to caulk it, glue it, paste it, or whatever!!!!
Anyway, if this doesn't stop it, then they will be looking inside to see if it is internal
bleeding instead. He received 2 units of blood yesterday. Wanted to send him home today
after the surgery,then I would have to bring him back for radiation in the morning, chemo in the afternoon, with radiation again after that. (he gets radiation morning and noon)
Port was taken out today as well, as the catheter had fractured. His veins are practically invisible, so they tried 7 times before being able to get an iv in. What a day!!!
Felt so sorry for him, but they did keep him again tonight to try and boost his levels.
I am really trying to be a good caregiver, as talked about on this board, but feel so
guilty because I was glad they were keeping him tonight, instead of sending him home.
Maybe a little break will charge my "caregiver batteries". Thanks for listening, Brenda

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It's probably a good idea that he stayed in the hospital, so he could get the care and attention he needed from the surgical procedure.

I know I would have felt safer in the hospital than at home after something like that. I'm always a guy that would swim overnight from China to get home, but when I was having surgeries, I just felt safer in the hospital.

When I got home, I was always a little apprehensive because I did not have any care there and the drive to the ER would be long by car and scary and expensive by ambulance.

You take the day and night off and rest up. I'm glad all went well.


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Thanks Craig. Actually they ended up keeping him a few more days, developed some bladder problems. But I have gotten some rest. He is on the hospital floor where he had been
several times before and gotten to know some of the nurses there, so I feel he is in
good hands. I hope you are feeling better. Take care, Brenda

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Don't feel guilty. He is where he needs to be and you do need your batteries recharged for the days ahead. I hope all goes well. Lisa

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