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Stage 3b Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer... Have a scare please help

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My friend is going through Chemo and Radiation at the same time and aggressively, last night he went to the ER because he was complaining about not being able to breathe well. They told him that his mass has doubled in size! He has been having aggressive treatment for 3 weeks and he (we) could not believe the news we heard. Needless to say he is totally distraught and I don't know what to do. Please Please Please help. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this something that is typical of the healing process? Any information would be great.

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If you could let us know what type of lung cancer your friend has, you will get responses from people with the same type that can relate their experiences to you. Wishing your friend, and YOU the very best.

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i also had radiation and chemo at the same time starting almost 2 yrs ago. Ihave been done for quite a while.I was complaining to doc about cough and hard to breath.They have tried many medicines inhalers cough meds etc.They seem to have it under control now.Thet are saying the reason for the problem is burning
and scar tissue from the radiation.I dont think they could see it until a ct scan but ask your doc.Good luck

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I completed my chemo and radiation treatments on August 7th. My radiation oncologist wants to see me on November 7th to have a scan done and to measure the effects of treatment. He said a scan any sooner would not be of much value as their would be significant scarring fromthe radiation reatment, which could be confused with the actual tumor/mass.

I have experiances minor shortness of breath, and wil also undergo a PFT on the 7th of Nov to see the effects that radiation had on my lung capacity.

I hope your friend et answers from his radiation onclogist regarding the mass and I hope the news ends up being good!

Warm Regards


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