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Please Help - Questions About Chemo

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Hello all--

I hope and pray you're all doing well and recover.

I come from the breast cancer forum, but wanted to share a story here. Someone I know dearly, her aunt was dx with a rare type of cancer, and she is getting treated with chemo regimen that's also used for colorectal cancer, from my understanding. Just wanted to know if any of you have tried this and what the symptoms are.Also, if you can give any suggestions as to how to prepare for it. Her chemo regimen will be oxaliplatin, leucovorin and 5-fluorouracil. If anyone has tried any of these - or in combination - please let me know what to expect so I can help my friend. Her and her family members are really scared. She was dx stage 4, with mets to liver.

Thank you all for your help.

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That regime is familiar to me.

A lot of people have no side effects from Folfox, which I think is the abreviation for oxy/leuc./5fu.

I however did not like it very much. I had every side effect plus a little.
Nausea and lack of appetite and everything tasting nasty led to not eating.
Having to warm drinks to above room temp and nausea led to dehydration.
Lost 55lbs, 1/4 of my body weight..
Neurapathy cold sensitivity and nerve damage in the hands, feet, anal area, and uretha. Cold sensitivity goes away, nerve damage not so much.
Hands peeled three times in a week, still haven't recovered my ridges, very slippery grip.
Mouth sores - thrush.
I didn't lose my hair LOL

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diahrhea and acid reflux

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I was diagnosed with rectal cancer stage 1, had to do 2 rounds of 96 hours straight of chemo (5FU)1st round then 3 week brake then 2nd round. I had nausea make sure she takes anti nausea medicine and take it when they say to take it, trust me! Things did not taste as they did before so be aware if she thinks it tasted a certain way before chemo it will not taste like that during so she may not want to eat it. A few days to a week after my chemo treatment my mouth very sore and sensitive to hot & cold so drink and eat things room tempature no matter what it is. Biodene helped with the soreness and sensitivity in mouth, you can get sample from oncologist office. They say 5FU is old school chemo treatment not as harsh as new treatment. I did not lose my hair but again different people have different reactions so keep in mind what 1 person may say happened to them it may not be the way she reacts. Hang in there and stay positive it helps alot!!

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