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My dad has been diagnosed with possible CA of Lung

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Greetings brave fighters,

I feel all of you are survivors and fighters, this discussion board is a testament to that. Im from india and my dad has just been diagnosed with possible CA of Lung, we are having the PET Scan and Biopsy done on wednesday. My dad is 60 and has been a heavy smoker all his life till he got the shock from the radiologist, since then he hasnt touched one cig!...hes using those anti smoking gums tho.

Are any of u brave souls from india? That doesnt matter tho, since cancer is cancer...but im VERY afraid, very very afraid, as per the CT scan the doctors said the cancer has spread to the "local lymphnodes" in the upper part of the lung, hence its beyond the surgery stage...since im the only son and i love my father a lot...i secretly weep..never in front of him...

i wud update as his reports come in...i would be very grateful to all u brave ppl for any advice or insight that u can give me...

God bless each one of u...be safe...keep fighting!


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Hi Sahil. I am NOT from India, however, I share something in common with you. My 60 Y/O mother was just diagnosed with Large Cell Adenocarcinoma of the lung. She has mets to her mandible, which has eroded 2/3 of the bone and a couple mets in her back. She has just started chemotherapy. She is in the hospital now for dehydration and low WBC. I am hoping and praying she improves enough to go home today - we'll have to see.

I am new to all of this, just like you. I don't have a lot of advise, but CSN has been of help to me. I too am afraid, I guess it is a pretty normal to be afraid. Sounds like you are holding it together and staying strong when you're with your dad - that's a good thing. Yes, I do the same - I try not to cry or lose it when I'm with my Mom. Try to remain positive. I have made a conscious decision to remain only positive, especially in front of my Mom. Try to keep worrying to a minimum. I try to as, I have come to the realization that worrying WILL NOT change the outcome of anything.

Just know, there are many new treatments and drugs that offer hope to cancer patients. Hope is a very powerful things. It's what keeps me going. I hope and pray your Dad's condition is treatable.

I wish I could offer you more, maybe I'll have more to offer later, since I have a feeling this is only the beginning of a very long journey.

Take care, and be strong!

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Hi Gretchen,

Thanks for your response, sorry i was away on a pilgrimage, seeking blessings for my dad, who never in his 60 years, even for one day forgot to pray, happiness of sorrow..anyhows, hows your mom holding up? I hope shes doing better than before! My dads having his PET scan and Biopsy tomorrow...im keeping my fingers crossed, please do put in a word in for my father when u pray to god, i shall keep ur mom nevertheless...:-)...shall keep it updated as the results come in.

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