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Thank you God

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I feel totally blessed today. My scan was great and no activity. My husband and I went out to dinner and I drank 2 rasbrry martinis. I don't drink really but they were wonderful.. I thought I would dance on the table after the first drink but I ate lots of bread. Thank you for all my well wishes. I feel like a new person!!!! Love Joanie

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joanie that is such great news i wish you many many years of great scans. blessings denise

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Posts: 573
Joined: Mar 2010

Hi Denise
Thank you so much I feel so happy today.

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Joanie - wrote a reply to tell you how VERY excited and happy I am for you about 5 minutes ago, but it didn't post so I'll write again! You are such an inspiration on this site along with many others and give such support - now it's our turn to congrat you!

Your deep faith and belief in prayer has played a large part in this wonderful news. Our church support group (similar to the one you lead) met this morning and one of our Ministers spoke about how important positive thinking and prayers are when we're dealing with cancer. You are living proof of that and I'm thrilled for you and your family to receive such terrific news today. You deserved that yummy sounding martini - just keep on celebrating and breathe a great sigh of relief! Much love, Fran

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WOW Joanie,

This is super wonderful news. So so happy for you. Enjoy and live life to the fullest.


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Oh congrats!!!! I am so happy for you!!

Take care,

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Great news, congratulations!! I hope I get to ride this good news train soon!

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Hi Joanie,
Great news! Glad you and hubby went out and celebrated. Hope the good scan results keep on coming. Have a great weekend Joanie. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Congratulations, I'm feeling ecstatically wonderful for your good news. Praise God and many thanksgivings. Will continue to pray for your clear reports---hoping to head that way myself when I finish with my treatments. he Lord is surely good---I love your positive posts. Love your smile and maybe we'll meet on the Erie Canal one day!!! Hugs from MD, Susan

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The "rastinis" sound wonderful.

Speaking of dancing.... :)



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I really appreciate all the great messages I received. I love the friendship and real knowledge of each others hopes and dreams. Love you all. BTW, the rasberry martinis had very little alcohol in them my husband said. He has seen me loony on 3 sips of wine. I acted normal and did not embarress anyone. I told my daughter I was going to dance on the table and tell evryone my name which would have been hers. Didn't happen. Thanks Denise, Jim, Mary, Sue, Susan, Beth, Lisha, Fran. If I forgot anyone I'm old, blonde and still claim chemo brain!!!

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Joy! Joy! So excited to hear your good news Joanie! Rasp Martinis are my Favorite! Have another one for me! That kind of news certainly makes the sun shine brighter doesn't it? Or maybe it's just that we notice it now. I guess you could say that's a double blessing!

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Hi, Joanie,

I am back! So glad to hear of the great news. Your infectious smile makes me look forward to good times!


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You go girl !!!!!!!!! Great news. Keep it up kid. So happy to hear it. Sounds like you had a fun time celebrating, so important to celebrate the good times. Many more ahead for you is what I pray.

Blessings Joanie.


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Hi Joanie ,

So glad your scan is good. It sure is a good feeling when you get that news. Thank God for sure. You probably do not know me I don't post too often. But I am Hilde and was diagnosed with Follicular Non Hodgkins lymphoma stage 4. It was in my bone marrow also.
I did surgery in 04, and 22 radiation treatments to my neck and left cheek.
Well after that I was ok till one week away from 5 years that is when it came back as follicular non-hodgkins lymphoma stage 4. I did 8 rounds chemo and and zevalin on December 23. O9. Have been in remission since then. Thank the Lord. I wish you well. Congratulations on your good news. Hilde

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Joanie, Congratulations!! The power of prayer is wonderful! Our Lord is amazing! He listens to everyone's prayers with so much love and mercy. He answers to all of us through healing. I am very happy for you. I also received great news from my doctor. I had a PET/CAT Scan and the results show that the tumors shrunk 60%!!! I am dancing of joy and Thanking God for this wonderful gift. Dr expects to be gone by my 6th treatment otherwise I have to do 2 more chemo's which is okay. The Lord seals with His precious blood this medicine for my complete healing. --Hugs-- We are happy for you!!

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