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Maxillary Sinus Cancer

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I'm looking for someone who has or had maxillary sinus cancer. I work at a hospital and a patient of mine is looking for someone who he can share his experience with. We have had difficulty finding someone that has been through what he is going through right now. He could really use the emotional support and the feeling that he is not alone. Thank you

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I have brain cancer that has invaded my sinuses; it has been, at various times, in all 4 major sinus cavities.

What I can tell you is that I am monitered by a Neurosurgeon and an ENT specialist (specifically, one who only handles the sinuses).

If you are interested in more information, please feel free to email me at cantcyou@aol.com


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I was diagnosed on 2008 with Esthesionueroblastoma that was in my Ethmoid sinus, Nasopharnyx. I had radiation to all my sinus and my neck. You can read my profile to get more of my story. If hed like to chat, he can email me at sirenaf44@yahoo.com.


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My mother has maxillary sinus cancer. She was diagnosed in June of 2010. I would love to talk to him because I have not found anyone on here with that specific kind of cancer. My email is gcooper242@yahoo.com.

Teresa, can you give me the names of your doctors?

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I just found this Web site and I'm sorry about your mom. My dad died in 2009 because of Maxillary Sinus Cancer. When we first found out he had it the doctor told us that only men get this cancer and its very sneaky and works very fast and is very painful. 3 months after telling us he had it he died. It was very hard for all of us to watch him suffer the way he did. They told us there was nothing they could do for him because there was no cure.

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