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Another bad visit

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I am having to use my onscreen keyboard and it is very hideous to do. So,I hope everyone don’t mind me using texting language…lol

Whn we arvd for visit tday we were greetd by the nurse tllng us he was waitng on us & he was even sittng oup on the side of the bed. She also staed that he ate good at lunch. We were very exctd to hear this news & couldn’t wait to see him sttng up. Little did we know of what lied ahead as soon as we entrd the rm. Yes, he was sittng up on the side of th bed with his lunch tray sitting in front of him. The first words out of his mouth was I’m hurtn I’m hurtn bad can i lay down. We layed him bon his side & he began moaning with worse pain. He said his ribs felt as if he had been beat up and his lung felt like someone was tryn to rip it out of his chest. The pain was unbearable and he wanted to lay back down. He began saying help me please help me. We pushed the call button and it took at least ten min for someone to answer. They said they would be there in a few min. In the meantime we tried to use what resources were available to us in the room. We took his pillow from under his head & plced it behind his back & placed his pckge of depends flat on the bed behnd the pillow for support to keep him on his side. The whole time he was begging us & God to pls help him. We asked if he wanted sm water and he said yes. We went to look in his pitcher for ice and the pitcher was sittn next to his food tray half full of urine. Someone finally came in with his pain pills and said the nurse was at the other end of the hall giving treatment. He held my hand and asked me to please rub his back cause it was hurting so bad. His hands were like ice and his body was shaking. He began trying to cough and said he could’nt cough and asked us to help him. His brother patted him on the back trying to give him any relief from the misery he was feeling. I continued to hold his hand while rubbing his back and talking to him softly about anything I thought may take his mind off th pain. He soon started to drift to sleep so I tried to put his hand under the cover. He felt me pulling away and would’t let go. I continued to hold his hand as he slept for a brief few moments until his dinnr arrived. The nurse said she heard he eats good for me and asked that I see if I could get him to eat. We informed her we just got him settled down and that we asked for a nurse ever since we had been there. She said he really needed to eat and she would be back. I woke him up ad fed him his dinner; I was able to get him to eat everything for me. When the nurse came bck to see what we needed it was about 2 min. before we had to leave. We had been there for an hour and half. Listed below are the problems we encountered,

He was in severe pain
He was only wearing a hospital gown & had one cover –he was freezing
His nails and cuticles were filled with feces-I know this bcause he puts his hands in his depends when he feels he has deficated on his self
There was dried urine on the floor
His water pitcher had urine in it
We found a used needle under the bed
It took over an hour to get a nurse
We now feel he could possibly have been sitting up since lunch
He didn’t have any ice water in the room
There was no soap in the room to wash our hands from helping him and emptying the urine
His oxygen tube is filthy-tinged with blood
His lips are very chapped
He has several bed sores which have required dressing
He has nothing within reach to spit the mucous out
His dirty clothes soiled with feces from two days ago still sitting in the corner which was supposed to have been bagged

I’m sure there was more. This is what I remember for now. I am so outraged.

Teresa C. Pendergrass

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