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Can anyone with knowledge about gastric cancer help me

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My wife has gastric cancer, and she learned about it early April. She has done all the tests but has not started on treatment. She doesn't want her stomach to be cut into pieces or even removed. She is in so much pain. Is there anyone who knows another kind of therapy other than Chemo or radiation?
Below are the findings of her test and she is still waiting to meet with her doctors, anyone who can comment on them?


"results on the findings indicate:Increased fgd-posterior cervical <1cm in brown fat,wall thickening in pylorus and lesser cultivature of stomach [suv 3.64]
lower fgd-calcified pre-tracheal lymph node <1cm [suv 2.04] and para-aortic lymph nodes <1cm [suv 1.63] and without fgd bone island left illiac bone"

How bad is her condition, and what treatment can anyone recommend?

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Dear Luko7,only a good oncosurgeon who specialises in abdominal surgery and sees your wife with ALL her reports can give a considered opinion.I can only say that even on this site there are a number of people who are doing well following chemotherapy for advanced gastric cancer.If nothing else she would get relief from pain.Time is extremely important so you must convince her to see the right doctor soon.
My son is 32 and started treatment 2 years ago(chemo followed by removal of the whole stomach).He works an 8-hour day and then a game of badminton!Don't give up hope.
best wishes

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Dear Liveinhope, thank you for sharing and the advice. I will do my best to see to it that we see a specialised doctor in this area maybe she can get some relief.
What about nutrition? is there specific foodstuffs she must avoid except those we know like sugar, fried food dairy products and so on.
Thank you very much for your encouragements.

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Hi Luko,
I'm sorry to hear that your wife is in so much pain. I think it's really important that she maintains her weight as much as possible. Try smoothies like yogurt and berries. My mom and I juice everyday (drinking one glass of juice - celery, apple, asparagus, carrot and beet), and she's been doing quite well with minimal symptoms aside from chemo. She was inoperable, but has been able to maintain a regular lifestyle. We've always been pretty healthy eaters, so I can't really say it's because of the juice or the diet. I just think that every person is different. The chemo may have amazing results of reducing the pain and shrinking the tumor. I highly recommend seeking different opinions because there is no golden standard in terms of treatment. Some have chemo and then surgery, some have surgery and then chemo, while others just have surgery. Some remove all the stomach, some just partial. Some people do a minimally invasive laproscopic procedure for stomach surgery while others used the traditional method. So many different approaches...just know that you both need to follow your gut and there are no wrong decisions.

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Hi Have2believe

I really appreciate your input into this. Sure, I have come to realise that juices from fresh fruits and veggies are capable to reduce the pains but coupled with exercises and other things of course believing in God also. I cannot say for sure that these alone could be a basis of remedy. Though there is huge amount of info I came across while searching recently and I am still trying to weigh options whether to use the therapy they have recommended and see what results it may bring. But to tell the truth every thought, suggestion and opinion count. But above all trusting in God who created this body and seek from him what is the best way to restore it to good health again is vital.

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