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Hats for mum

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I don't know where to place this so I thought I would start here. I am trying to find hats for my mother who lost her hair to chemo. I'm not made of money so I was trying to look for places that would give her hats. Hats off to chemo gave her two very nice hats which I am grateful. I was recommended to try heavenly hats but I never heard back from them and I even tried to submit her name twice. I wrote countless emails to them which were unanswered.
The doctors office gave her some nice crocheted hats but who wants to wear a heavy yarn hat when it is warm. Does anyone know where I can find more hats for my mum without breaking the back
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Check with the American Cancer Society in your area. They often have free hats and can get wigs.

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Are you in the US or UK? There is a website called headcovers.com in the US that has inexpensive cotton "sleep caps" that my mother really liked. Her head got cold! We also bought patterns and made a few hats, but she ended up liking to wear her wig when she went out, and the little sleep caps when she was home.

Also in the US, local chaters of the American Cancer Society have "Look Good,
Feel Better" seminars where women get makeup, head covers, used wigs, etc. My mom has ovarian cancer, so she felt a little left out among all the pink breast cancer people, but enjoyed it just the same.

I just remembered. There is a way to turn a t shirt into a nice head cover. Anybody out there know how?

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