Schwannoma Tumor

It has been over a year since my husband underwent major brain surgery to remove the schwannoma tumor that invaded the left lower part of his brain. Last year was one of the most challenging I've ever experienced in my life. To go through this with a loved one from the time before diagnosis when you are floundering around because the doctor's don't seem to know what it is causing the headaches to now where we still deal with issues relating to the surgery a year later. Sometimes I feel so helpless and like such a bad wife that I can't understand what he is going through. At times I get so frustrated and feel so bad. To try and find any support groups out here or any resources to get counseling is tough. Has anyone found any helpful sites or resources to locate therapists who work with couples who have undergone such a life altering event?


  • Beckymarie
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    Understand your feelings
    My husband died of a GBM June 2010. The months before he was diagnosed his behavior changed slowly. He was a CFO of a software company and was a real numbers guy. Suddenly he started paying all the bills twice draining the checking account, leaving water faucets running, left his car running in the driveway all night. I was besides myself and very frustrated with him. He went to the doctor several times and was told it was stress and fatigue. Finally a CAT was done and a very large, inoperable GBM was found on the left side of the brain. He passed 15 months later. I feel so guilty sometimes when I think of my frustrations with him. He was my rock and suddenly everything changed. I guess we are only human and fear manifests itself in so many ways. Your oncologist should have some suggestions and often the hospitals will have programs. Look into that and see if they have anything to offer you. My thoughts are with you on this journey.