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FNA shows 2 types of cancer

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My FNA showed two possible types of cancers Hurthle and Follicular. I have two nodules - On the left side at its largest is 1.8 cm and on the right side at its largest is 5 cm. My antibodies test was negative and my thyroid numbers tested in the normal range. My thyroid is twice the normal size and will be removed 9-28. Do you think testing positive for two different types of possible cancers increases the possibility I have cancer? The waiting is the hardest part of this whole ordeal.

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Get your thyroid completely removed and wait for the final report from the pathology department. Doesn't do any good to worry now and regular slides are more reliable than aspirating cells.

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Thanks for the push - I am getting it out 9-28.

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Hi Sheila,

I'm sorry you found your way to CSN but know that everyone on here is awesome and can provide not only their own personal experiences but lots of reputable resources.

My FNA was suspicious for follicular. Had a partial thyroidectomy on 8/16 and it came back positive for follicular w/hurthle cell metaplasia. Had the rest of the thyroid removed on 8/23.I will received RAI (radioactive iodine) the week of 10/10. You need to be patient and I'm the most impatient person..LOL I call all this..."my process" it works for me. Nothing is fast or easy but rather a process.

Wait until the final pathology comes back from your surgery and then you move forward. I know the wait is the worst. During your waiting period, educate your self with terms/meds/treatments and projected timelines. It will help. www.thyca.org is a great website with lots of information. I purchased a book called "Thyroid Cancer: A guide for patients" by Douglas Van Nostrand. Its very helpful and easy to read. Something to consider.

I'm new to all this but feel free to message me any questions or ask on here!


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Thanks, Chris! I am not patient either - and of course I can't help thinking the worst case scenarios. My whole thyroid will be removed 9-28. I will be grateful for answers and no longer wondering what is going on. I have been doing lots of reading and although some of the medical jargon causes my mind to wander, I feel I know more than most people about these thyroid nodules. Thanks for your help - I will try to get on here and post what I find out. Good luck with all your treatments - wish none of us had to come to this site.

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