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Treatment of uterine cancer

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First a little background. I´m from the US and I´m currently living in Peru. My girlfriend is 31 and two and a half years ago she was diagnosed and treated for uterine cancer. She had her uterus and fallopian tubes removed. Her cancer was stage 3.

Yesterday, she had an appointment with her gynecologist and her cancer has returned. She has another tumor. Her gynecologist ordered her to receive radiation and chemotherapy. Here are my questions

1) I find it odd that her gynecologist is the one ordering the radiation and chemotherapy. Shouldn´t her oncologist be the one deicidng what her treatment is?

2) It strikes me as odd that he ordered both radiation and chemo. Is it normal to receive both of these?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Most women, once they have had cancer, have their subsequent pelvic exams done by their gynecologic oncologist or by an associated gynocologist consulting closely with a gyne-onc. Could that possibly be the case for your friend?

& yes, chemotherapy and radiation are often sandwiched together in 1st line treatment for uterine cancers.

(((((hugs to you both)))))

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Thank you very much for your response! Means a lot to me! And its good to know that radiation and chemotherapy are often combined. I wasn't aware of that.

I think her gynocologist is just a regular gynocologist, though Im not really sure. We went in for her appointment yesterday and she saw her gynocologist for about 15 minutes. She came out and told me that she had a tumor and that her gynocologist wanted her to have radiaion and chemo. She has a separte oncologist and he wasnt consulted on any of this.

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