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So, I've been walking 3.5 miles a day, eating oatmeal, avoiding fast food, avoiding foods that may have cholesterol, and all around trying to eat and live healthy. Why? Because I thought I needed to pass health tests (BMI-Cholesterol-blood sugar-blood pressure) to qualify for $900 towards my health insurance deductible.
Turns out if you passed all four last year you don't have to take them again this year. I passed all four in 2010!

McDs tomorrow!!

AND, You only have to pass three of four!!

Double Quarter Pounders!!!


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just kidding

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I can't hardly stand the pain!!!! You've got me laughing wayyyyyyy tooooo hard!!!
ROFLMAO. Thanks for that!!
Winter Marie

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Thanks for the laugh. You just made my night.
Double Quarters Pounders!!!
Your too funny.

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