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DX 3c in March 2010.
My next screening will be 9/22.

My question is about CT scans.
My last one was at the end of my eleven infusions. End of October 2010
I am under the impression that I will only be getting blood tests.
I will have no scans unless there is a change in my baseline marker.
CEA? I think.
My marker was 1.2 and 1.3, which I understand is good.

Should I be getting scans also?
I read about others having scans regularly.
Am I getting blood tests only, because I was only 3c and was NED when I started Chemo?



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I think that it's pretty common to have a scan after about a year, and it is almost a year since your last scan. So what the heck, if the insurance covers it get a scan. I know the prep is from hell, but it's part of this wonderful adventure called beating the beast. And it will help ease your mind as to what's going on.

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I had a scan in August 2009 after chemo, then a check up scan August 2010, and one this
August. I am not sure when they will stop with yearly ones, but I like the reassurance.

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I was dx 3B in May 08
finished chemo in Jan 09
first scan was June 09
then blood work every 3 months
second scan was June 10
blood work every 3 months
third and final scan was June 11

no more scans! blood work every 6 months now

the issue according to oncologist- there comes a time when the harm from scans need to be taken into account- so no more scans for me, just CEA follow up for the next several years.

Yes, the protocal is yearly scans- and I would question your doc about it!

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cea a good marker for you?found out mine is not.i had blood work done only in august 2010 and my cea was 1.5 then i had my yearly scan in janurary 2011 and blood work my cea was 1.8 which they said was normal but the cat scan showed 3 spots on my liver and 2 on my lung.i also was considered ned after surgery in 2009 and did 6 months mop up chemo.for me i would do scans i had no idea this cancer was back.i felt fine there were no symptoms....Godbless....johnnybegood

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After chemo use to have it every 3 month the first year!

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Ask Your Oncologist the question when planning an survivorship program. I am on the 3 month scan plan because even though my Pre surgery CEA 1.0 .6 after surgery NED before Folfox and .7 after Folfox , I had a small tumor which was in my appendix as well as the upper right colon. I had 5/20 Lymph Node but my friend down the lane had 7/20 with one large tumor and he was NED before Folfox so he is on the 6 month Scan for 1 year and then annually after that. I feel lucky so far but I know I am in the group most likely to reoccurr so I am praying each day and trying to exercise, take calcium with Vit. D and one low dosage aspirin a day, and doing Tai Chi for emotional balance.

Just a guess but you may be in that "real lucky group" with a large tumor, low CEA and few lymph node involvement.

It is good to research, ask questions and plan a good survivorship program and be prepared for all possibilities. This is the place to research, ask questions, and prepare your questions for your health team.


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I hadn't thought of the testing as a program.

Yes, I had one tumor with 4 of 33 lymph nodes involved.
The appendix was clean.
They removed one third of the colon from the small intestine and appendix on up.
The cells were the normal kind not the agressive kind.
I had no symptoms and only a routine colonoscopy to discover my DX of cancer.


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Guess I will probably get a scan in Nov or Dec.
I'll have to ask the doc when I go in in a couple of weeks.

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