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1 hour MRI's / need help!

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Hi everybody, new & enjoying the network. I receive abdomain/pelvis & chest MRI's
every 3 months as maintenance. They last about an hour. I'm a big guy and theres
not much room left over, if you've been in an MRI machine you know what i mean. My
last one was terrible, I was in alot of pain, very restless & near panic attack, all
while remaining perfectly still! My onc. gave me some ativan for next time, i hope
it helps. Has anybody else experienced this and do you have any advice, I have many
more to go! Love all the support, Dave

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Yes..... MRI's really mess with me too. So noisy and I just can't tolerate laying flat like that without feeling like my chest is caving in. The last MRI I had the doctor ordered some heavy duty drug that was injected into me by a nurse while I was sitting in a wheel chair. I have no memory of the entire scan and woke up in a recliner that was in a private area. When I had my wits about me and was able to walk they let me go..... not alone..husband had to be with me. I will always do it that way. It was a great rest instead of a stressful event. Ask your doc or at least tell him what you just told us. Take care.


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I'm a big bloke and those mri machines just do not fit. The last mri I had I was suffering bi-llateral frozen shoulders. Getting my arms above my head was one of the worst things I have ever had to do. Keeping them there for forty five minutes. I literally had to retreat into the panic room inside my head. Fortunately I have had some practice,having passed 3 lots of kidney stones,years of gallbladder pain followed by acute pancreatitis,not to mention being puctured by numerous fish hooks. I was born with a high pain threshold and have now raised it to an art form. It is just as well as my back seems to be collapsing. I have lost around 5cm in height in the last couple of years. They think it is l/t degeneration from Cancer?chemo? steroids? or all of the above. It's nice to meet you Dave just wish it was under different circumstances,Ron.

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Hi Dave,

I too have an issue with MRI's (I'm claustrophobic), but I can manage in an Open MRI. I clipped the following from a web site just for your reference, and included a link to show you what they look like. It works for me since I don't feel like I'm in a coffin and I'm able to see the room. Good luck! Hope this helps. Cynthia

"In keeping with our reputation for advanced technology, most of our MRI centers are now equipped with 1.5 Tesla High Field Open MRI systems, which provides an alternative for patients who cannot be scanned in traditional “high field” scanners."


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Only if they would have a his/hers MRI scanner.....

OK, go with me here, if the women had one with the Chippendales posted on the ceiling so that as they slide into the machine they glimpse that section of a Chippendale, from head to toe, depending on where you are in the machine.
Men, depending on your age would decide if as you slide in the machine you will get to view a full length pic of Ella McPherson.........or if old enough, a full length pic of the buffet at Bonanza's Steakhouse.......

You see if given enough time ...there is an answer for everything.........
I'll never have another MRI without thinking of this.....

have a wonderful day.....buzz

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You are too funny and full of excellent ideas!


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Haahaa!! Yes indeed, that would make the whole experience soooo much better!! :-D

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It's been a while but the last one I remember it was like someone put a metal can over my head and slammed it with a hammer for about an hour.
Lots of fun!
I would certainly take something to clam the nerves beforehand.

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My last MRI they gave me earplugs to muffle the hammering sound. They also gave me frequent breaks. It lengthened the elapsed time of the MRI, but it sure did help my sanity!

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I brought my stuffed toy moose into the machine with me - I needed a friend! (And it helped!)

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