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Hi all - my mom has late stage primary liver cancer. There's not a whole lot she's able to do...she has problems with her eyes and can't focus to read. She sleeps most of the time, and when she's awake is incredibly fatigued so moving around isn't an option. She has tremors and such so anything requiring fine motor skills doesn't work either.

Any suggestions on things to occupy her? Sometimes small talk is forced. She watches tv a little, but I'm sure it gets boring. I wish there were something I could do with her or for her to take her mind off the obvious.

Thanks so much.

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You could try books on tape. If she likes to read, but can't, find her favorite authors on audio and it will help her pass some time.

Ask her to record her favorite memories of her life on audio/video. It will help distract her and leave you and your family with a lasting memory.

Have photos with unknown people in them? Get a magnifying glass and ask her to help you put the names to the faces.

These are things that have a start and stop point so she can rest as she needs to.

You're in my prayers.


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Thanks for the reply. I got her a couple of audio books, so hopefully that will be something enjoyable. I just wish she could be more comfortable. :-(

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