Cryotherapy for resistant malignant glioma???

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Hi everyone,

I was at catered party yesterday, when a nice lady approached me to give me her support regarding my sister's diagnosis (AA 3). She then proceed to tell me she was herself diagnosed with a malignant glioma 5 years ago. It was an inoperable tumor. She underwent radiation and chemotherapy with Temodar, but the tumor kept growing. At that point she was told to get her affairs in order as there was nothing else they could do. She turned to cryotherapy and it gave her five years. I am a scientific person. I wanted more details.
Unfortunately this nice lady was not. She did describe that there was a "gas" involved. It caused necrosis of her cancer cells. As they slough off, it did cause her some speech impairment (the tumor was in the left temporal lobe). Through physical therapy her speech recovered.

I search online and this is what I found: argon gas cryosurgery has been used for glioma in china. There are also a few articles in pubmed regarding rats with glioma responding to cryosurgery, not humans.

This lady told me that after getting the cryosurgery ( a procedure she said was done in the UK), the first MRsI would still show abnormal signals here and there. Then a year out, she has her first "silent" MRI. She does not claim being "cured". Anyone who does I eye them with suspicion. She is afraid of a recurrence. But she also claims that this experiment treatment allowed her to see her children graduate.

I need more info. My sister is just starting out with the conventional radiation and chemo. But I want to know as much as possible about experimental treatment since this horrendous disease has no cure at the present time.

Anyone heard of cryotherapy??? Anyone experienced it?? What are your thoughts?? I welcome any opinion.