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Liposarcoma stage 4

Hi there,

My sister who is 32 years old was diagnosed with liposarcoma in 2008, cancer we never heard of before. She underwent surgery in Germany and had the tumor removed ( Lower back close to the spine with a clear margin) followed by chemotherapy. She has had her scan on a quarterly basis. Due to her pregnancy in 2010 she stop the scanning for 9 months. In march 2011, after giving birth, the cancer reoccurred at the same spot, lower back growing very fast and graded as very aggressive. Again, surgery asap. It was a major surgery in hong kong , over 24 hours, involving 5-6 surgeons and 4 others on stand by in the the surgerical room. Her kidney was removed, several vertebraes with replacement, skin on the back, nervstrings which resulted in a low grade disability in her right leg. We were so thrilled when she woke up the next day after the marathon surgery as the doctor told us she will be in a stage of sleepiness for several days. The recovery was such a painful process for my sister, in every aspects. She had to b on her tummy for 2 weeks with no change of position just to avoid any wound infection on her back. After 5-6 weeks they did a MRI scan, the tumor has spread to her liver and the spinal bones, stage 4. Soon after the tumor compressed on the nerves which run through her legs causing both legs to be immobile. She was devasted and simply literally crashed into a black hole, rock bottom. The doc told her that any surgery is of no use therefore he urged her to do the chemotherapy. He wanted her to do the chemo as soon as the wounds on her back r healed but she decided not to do it. She has been far too weak to do the chemo.

2 weeks ago she returned with her 6 months baby and husband to Germany. There has no improvement of any sort whatsoever. She is on painkiller with a low dose of morphine lying in bed all day. A day care nurse and a physiotherapist go to see her at home on a daily basis, but she does not participate in the exercises as the painkiller causes headache, nausea, drowsiness. She has shut off herself, full of pity, suffers from depression, lost her joy in life, is gripped by severe sadness and grief. Friends and family have tried to uplift her spirit, encouraged her and we tried to apply alternative med such as Chinese herbs, body healing, accupressure, yoga to calm her mind, gentle tai chi movements with the arms only, foot reflexology, meditation......by the end of the day she told us she does not believe in anything.

We are beyond despair and grief. She has given up herself but we have not. Please is there someone who has liposacoma on the back close to the spine and has gone through it to give us some hope and support. My sister has not spoken or met anyone who suffers from cancer, particular who has liposacoma. I would love her to speak to someone who has gone through such experience.

I look very much forward to hearing from u. There is always hope and miracle. God bless u.



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