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A Bit of an Update...

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I emailed my surgeon's oncology nurse on Tuesday with concern. I had noticed that there was an increase in fluid build up under the skin of my mastectomy site across my chest, the length of my scar. It was visibly noticeable, but more disconcertingly, it felt and looked like a little waterbed on my chest.

So, I got a call from Jan, my oncology nurse yesterday asking me to come in to see my surgeon first thing in the morning in clinic. I did, and when she examined the site, explained the fluid build up was due to the radiation treatments and recommended that Jan aspirate the fluid out of the site. She did, and drained 87ml of fluid out of the site. It feels less swollen, but sore a bit internally. My skin is still breaking down a bit and is quite raw. I've noticed today that there's been a bit more fluid build up since my mastectomy site was drained yesterday. I'll be keeping an eye on my "little waterbed" over the next few days. Hopefully, my body will begin to absorb the extra fluid, if not, I'll have to go in and have it drained again - UGH!

My surgeon also sparked some concern that I need to discuss with my radiation oncologist regarding the radiation fields used. My surgeon would have been more comfortable with a larger area being radiated, especially in the area of my clavicle bone. I will be seeing my radiation oncologist in mid-September, so I will be asking for detailed information on the radiation treatments I have received and how she determined the measurements for the radiation field used.

My headache, surprisingly, wasn't as intense today - thank the universe. I hope it stays that way. I'm still easily fatigued and find that it is a necessity for me to have a nap each afternoon. I slept a little better last night and hope I do tonight as well.

New Flower
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sorry for the liquid in your chest.
I took naps for 12 months and it was good thing and very helpful for me. Have you seen your therapist lately.

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I am sorry Emamei that you had this. I hope it doesn't happen again. Why do you have to wait until mid September to see your rads oncologist? I saw mine almost every day when I had rads. Can your surgeon contact him and discuss this?

Glad your headache was better too. Get as much rest as you can and I will be praying for you.

Hugs, Kylez

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