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Cancer returned after transplant

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Just wanted to update everybody. My husband had HCC and had 2 Y90 treatments to shrink the tumors enough to get on the transplant list.
Once on the list he got lucky and had his transplant 2 weeks later. I was amazed at his recovery he was doing great. Then he started having some stomach pain and trouble sleeping.
He went for a check up 3 months post transplant the doctor pretty much blew off his complaints and increased his pain medicine told him to take 2 at bedtime to help him sleep. Told him he could return to work any time after 4 months and testing for cancer markers etc. would start again on at 4 months.
That was June 28th. He was back in the hospital on July 8th on the 11th they told us his cancer was back and it was in the new liver and had spread to his lungs. He was told he had months with treatment and weeks without and was being referred to an oncologist for treatment options and sent home on the 14th with stronger pain medication.
We saw the oncologist on the 18th our 36th anniversary. She said he didn't look like weeks it would be months but treatments would only be 1/2 the normal dose because of the anti rejection medicines. He ended up back at the er on the 22nd. The doctor said his lungs sounded fine and the pain was from the cancer and sent him home telling us to adjust the pain medication.
The night of July 30th he was up all night in pain and trouble breathing. I ended up calling 911 the morning of the 31st he was taken to the local hospital then transferred to the one where the oncologist was then transferred back to IU for the transplant team. The doctor came in on August 2nd and showed us the scans there was very little liver or lungs that was not cancer it was very agressive they told us we needed to contact hospice. He came home on the 5th and passed away on the 9th. It was only 4 weeks and 1 day from when they told us the cancer was back and 1 day before he was to start the post transplant testing. The doctors said they were sorry. No one should have to go through this. This just doesn't happen this fast etc. But it did and he is gone.

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I just want to let you know that I am very sorry that you lost you husband after all you and he went through. I imagine it was a real roller coaster, especially since the transplant seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel for those of us who have loved ones with non-resectable tumors. I am very sorry it was not a happy ending for you. Life is not fair, nor is cancer. Just be glad of all the good years you had together. My husband just turned 61 and this has all been a huge blind-side for us, as I am sure it was for you and the rest of the people on this forum. I pray that they find a cure for this beast soon. Please know my thoughts are with you!

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Thank you for sharing this horrible experience. As hard as it is to do it does help us other caregivers. We have to stick together and help to support each other.

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I had liver resection for HCC in July 2010, now it is back and only treatment offer is Transplant. After reading what happened to your husband I definitely know that I will not have a transplant. I already told the dr I am not interested in a transplant. I have already been thru enough and so has my family.

Please know I am so sorry about your loss and may God comfort you in this time, I will be praying and thinking about you. I just celebrated my 41st anniversary, and my husband has been so good he doesn't need any more disappoints and neither do I.

God bless you and continue to post here,, we are all here to help support you.

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Dear imjb73,
So sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. My husband Lee also has liver cancer, and I have read some of your former posts , waiting for your husband to get his transplant. My husband has never been a candidate for transplant, but is doing very well considering the seriousness of this disease. I know this whole process has been very hard, and I would like to send my condolences and prayers to you and yours. In some small way we have shared this journey together. Peace be with you.

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Dear imjb73

Your husband story is similar to my mom's.

I was her liver donor, the ccancer was back shortly after transplant. it was very aggressive.

She passed away five months ago.
She suffered a lot, pain in addition to transplant compications. She had transplant complications a bile leake.

May your husband's soul rest in peace.


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Thank you for letting us in at this very difficult time. We keep losing the people we love and that's so sad.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

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