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Biopsy Results

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Got the results from Don's Biopsy. Cancerous tumor on his chest invading the bone. It is the same kind of cancer that was in the Esophagus. We see a new oncologist on Sept 1st. Don't know what will be his take on it. We were not happy with the Oncologist he had when he had his EC surgery. He had it on Dec 10th and when we went to see her in March she said he did not have to come back for a year. I really think he should have been checked at 3 month intervals but don't know. Anyway we are seeing a new one. He says he does not want to have anymore treatments. He has lost so much weight and is very frail. In constant pain now. Just keep him in your prayers that God will be with us and he won't suffer too much.

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I was really hoping the biopsy would show something other than EC cells. I am very sorry to hear about this latest development. This has been a very difficult year for both you and Don.

I will be praying that his new oncologist has some ideas of what may help or at a minimum has an effective program of pain management to offer Don.


Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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Thanks Paul. I'll let everyone know what we find out.

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So sorry to hear the results. Glad Don will be seeing a new dr.After three years, I'm still going every three months for blood work and six months for scan. If your dr. spreads appointments out that far, it makes one wonder about competence in all areas.
Will be praying for you and Don, Sandra

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I do hope that you can get some good pain management so Don is more comfortable.
Good luck with the new oncologist, here's hoping there's something positive there.

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So sorry to hear your news. I hope Don's new oncologist is more proactive and is able to give Don some relief from his pain. Praying for both of you!


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We will keep you and Don in our prayers. I am so sorry that the cells were malignant. We will hope that this new doctor can provide help for Don.

Linda & Jim

Jim diagnosed 9-6-10
MIE 1-5-11 NED

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Boy so sad to see your post about Don's cancer being invasive in the bone and just don't understand how anyone could tell a post esophagectomy pt to come back in a year. As said in other posts most people were going every 3 months for scans, bloodwork and dr visits for at least the 1st year. I just now have switched to every 6 months and it will be 2 yrs in Dec for my surgery. I will keep you both in my prayers. take care,

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Sorry to hear about this setback. In my prayer time this morning I meant to pray for one of our other members named John but when I verbalized it, it came out as Don. It was only later that I read this post. So, I've offered one prayer up already and there will be more. Hopeful that your new oncologist can come up with something.

Michael Daniels
Beandon, FL

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I agree with you 100%. My surgery was December 14th and every three months I have a cat scan and bllod work followed by a visit with my oncologist. One year check-ups just don't cut it so close to surgery. Sorry to hear about the biopsy results. Best wishes going forward.


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