What does insulin have to do with the cancer if you are not diabetic?

mrsptsu2012 Member Posts: 63
My husband is 47, was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2011. By June 2011 a spot was found on his brain. NO treatment has been started. He is being given steriods to reduce the swelling on the brain and a water pill to release the excess from the steriods. He is incarcerated so therefore does not receive the treatment you or I would in the free world. When he went to the neurologists to discuss the tumor on the brain, the wrong CT scan was sent to the dr for review. This appt was on July 18th. He has yet to see a neurologist to explain everything that is going on and a plan of action. I spoke with the Director of medical services at the facility and I have been assured he will be having surgery to remove a PORTION of the brain tumor within the next two weeks. When he called yesterday, he didn't sound good at all; he sounded very weak and his voice sounded hoarse. Tonight I got a call from the Chaplin at the facility telling me my husband had to be taken by wheelchair to the infirmary. She said they have him on IV fluids and insuline...my husband doesn't have diabetes. Can someone tell me what is going on. I have yet to be told anything and he has signed a release for me to have access to his medical condition. I am scared to go to sleep tonight; I'm afraid they will call and I won't hear the phone. PLEASE HELP ME TO KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT FROM HERE