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yeast infection at feeding tube site

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Does anyone know if a person has a yeast infection around feeding tube site can you also have this inside the stomach and or inside the belly? David got his tube out yesterday after 1 year of use, he has yeast infection and wondered if he might have the infection on the inside of his stomach also? He didn't ask the doctor and I wasnt with him as I had an appointment at the same time as his. Ty in advance for any info..

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Yes, according to my own wound care/ostomy/continence expert, you can develop yeast infection at the site of the tube. Anywhere there is damp skin over an extended period of time, I'm told, there is ripe environment for yeast infection. However, I have been told, while it is possible for the infection to extend into the stomach, it is highly unlikely.

It was suggested to me (check with doc first, because he probably knows of an ointment that will work just as well or better) that you apply athlete's foot powder to the wound area, and then overlay it with desitin diaper rash ointment (basically zinc oxide).

Sounds like an odd concoction, but my doctors left this woman (my wife, a WOCN nurse) to take care of some rather nasty wounds I had following surgery and thereafter, and she never let me, or them, down. They tried to hire her for their group, in fact.

At the very least, see your doc about an ointment.

Take care,


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The was I look at it is no infection is good give you doctor a call as soon as you can.

Wishing you well

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