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Flaky Nipple

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I'm not a cancer survivour so I hope it's okay to still write on here... I've seen a topic on a crusty nipple but it was dated 2002. I'm 26, I've never been pregnant and recently one of nipples has become a bit flaky (like sunburn you can peel off). It isn't that bad every day - although this last week the nipple has changed colour to a pale pink. I've seen previous answers saying go see the doctor - which I will do - but I just wanted to see what people thought? I've looked on macmillan and symptons say it would be oozy and black, which it definitely isn't?

I'd be grateful for any response. Thank you!

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Like you said, you need to see a doctor if this continues, but nipples and the areolas are very sensitive and can become irritated easily. Try wearing a cotton bra, and use a good moisturizer. Lansinoh lanolin is great, is recommended for nipples of nursing moms. It is usually in the same area as the breastfeeding products at walmart or other stores. Also, the pads made for nursing mothers are cotton, you can line your bra with them. Pagets disease is a disease of the nipples that is cancerous, but it is rare, especially in a young woman. Still if the crusting continues, you need to see a doctor. Oh, and if you find the Lansinoh lanolin too expensive (if I remember, its a little pricey), any good moisturizer could help, just use something as allergen-free as possible. Hope this helps!

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