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I had a colonscopy five years ago at the age of 48 when I had a return of IBS after 20 years. My colonscopy results were negative for pathology but now I have been diagnosed with Stage III rectal cancer. Those colonoscopy results gave me a false sense of security so I've ignored symptoms as being nothing for awhile. I wasn't supposed to return for another colonscopy for five more years. I finally went to see a colorectal surgeon because the symptoms became too much, particularly the amount of bleeding with BMs. Anyone else familiar with a history similar to mine.

Thanks, just curious.

steve g
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My colonostomy was 2 years prior to being dx, and a man I know was less than 1 year both of us had rectal cancer and required an ostomy. I have been told by a nurse in that field that many times the Dr. will not take the time to aim the scope back and will go past the problem without seeing it. No one will ever admit to it but it happens regulary. Get a good radiologist and oncologist for your best chance of survival and don't worry about a colostomy. I was 68 when dx and selected the Mayo Clinic in Jax. Fl. for the operation, I asked the Dr. about laproscopic surgery and he said he would rather feel the tissue so I knew I had an experienced Dr. It's been 3 years and so far all is well although I still have my port just in case, a personal decission not for everyone. Wish you the best...Steve

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I've had a feeling that something may have been missed. But of course I don't dwell on it since that's negative energy. Glad you are doing well. I'm going local for my radiation and chemo but plan to go to Cleveland Clinic for my surgery. Have an appointment there next month. Again thanks for the info and words of support Laura

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I had a lot of blood also and that is how I was referred to have a colonoscopy and got my diagnosis of rectal cancer stage 3C. I'm 47. When I first began to tell my Dr's my symptoms, I was given other possible causes. A year later...my real diagnosis.


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It seems like it's so common for many of the symptoms to be regarded as something else. I'm sorry your diagnosis took so long. Where are you in your treatment?

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The first blood I saw was a big shock.
Then next day doctor, then 2 more days first colonozscopy.
And I joined the crc club with stage 3 rectal cancer.
The false security is a bummer.


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Hi Pete Its been a few months since I have been on here. Back in Jun of the year. Had to go have the test done was having probelms. Well they werent able to complete the scope remember waking up with quite a few docs and nurses. The next thing I knew I was being wheeled into the OR. I was so out of it they had to call my oldest daughter Kimberly for persmission. She said that afterwards the my intestines were a mess. weight 83 lbs Remember I am still seeking medical, they said they preferred (sp) my bowel. the wall was very thin, due to the radiation. So I was in the hospital for awhile. was home for 3 days back to the ER again to due to the fact pus was coming out at the draining etc. was there for 3 days. I was more worried about my 9 ur old son. A few weeks later I was admitted. They (drs) said no more cancer. I was admitted because of my rigjt knideny bening enlared and had infections. Usually at the army hospital I would have had several IVs but not this time. was treated well. And no I dont have. So already makng appts to c civilain drs, I am praying and starting to rebuilding my faith. I know without God I wouldnt have the strenth.

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My husband had a completely clean no nodules colonoscopy 1.5 years prior to being diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in May. I also strongly suspect that they did not scope high enough as the tumor is close to the small intestine. I tell myself it doesn't change today. Lisa

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I have not had the experience you did, but just want to say that I'm so sorry it happened to you. Praying you have a healthy future!


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