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Abnormal ovary ?????

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Tina Brown
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I've been having some discomfort in my tummy, kind of bloating after meals. I also feel uncomfortable underneath my lungs (I have a little bit of fluid around my lungs) So my GP (Primary Care Doctor) sent me along for a chest x-ray and an ultra sound of my abdomen.

1. My chest x-ray showed a small amount of fluid in the pleural space around my lungs which I expected. BUT it appears that my heart is slightly en-larged????? So I am to have some investigation for that.

2. The ultra-sound managed to show up (my supposedly healthy ovaries) an abnormality with my left ovary. The stenographer was very open and honest with me and said she didn't know what it was. She couldn't confirm cancer but she couldn't rule it out. I have an appointment on Monday with my GP to get the official results.

It just seems very strange to me that my once healthy ovaries (so I was told) has now an abnormality.

Is it possible I have mets from PPC to the ovaries? Has anyone ever heard of that? Otherwise, and this if it is true will make me angry, otherwise my primary all along was ovarian in origin with mets to my peritoneum???

Is an ultra sound more or less reliable or accurate than a CT scan???

I will get to find out more next week.

I must say when I came out of the hospital I looked up to heaven and said "Why, haven't you already given me enough?" "Isn't one cancer enough to deal with?"

Tina x

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My mom's ovaries were removed at the time of her debulking surgery, but that is when they found that the cancer didn't originate in her ovaries. There may have been cancer on the surface of the ovaries, I can't remember. She had seeding in her abdomen. I will try to ask her and get back to you.

Try to keep taking things a step at a time if you can - easier said than done. They haven't said what the "official" results of the ultrasound are. It is tough to wait until you get the results from the doctor, but until you talk to the doctor, you really don't know what is going on.

As far as a spread from PPC to the ovaries, that would probably be more likely than a second primary cancer. My mom's PPC spread to her breasts(of all places). She had tests to determine if it was breast cancer or PPC and it was PPC.

And yes, one cancer is more than enough for a lovely person like you to deal with. I hope this resolves without too much trouble.
Love to you,

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This is so strange! I guess you just had to be different, Tina.

: )


Best Friend
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My feeling is that maybe ur PPC originated in ur ovary to begin with. My mom had so many other issues and than she went to the gynecological oncologist and he said well the catscan shows that ur left ovary is only slightly swollen. Yet there was also a floating line in the middle which he also said was nothing. So, not only did they later find out, after the cancer spread so much, that it did in fact orginate in that ovary but that floating line was the caking of tumors on her omentum. Kinda makes u wish there was a better business bureau for oncologists!
Either way, our doc said that the kind that originates in the ovary is actually easier to treat. Also, did they check the fluid for cancer?

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Five years ago, I had a 17lb cyst removed from my ovary. It was a benign cystadenoma. It had nothing to do with the cancer I have now. The ovaries can be a problem for lots of different reasons and most of them are simply left or remedied easily. I hope yours turns out to be that and it's not mets or a different type. Just please remember that most ... almost 100% ..of ovarian problems are going to be ok. I know it's different with you as you already have PPC, but 'fingers and all of my toes' are crossed. :)

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Tina Brown
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Thank you for your replies.

1. My abdomen is fluid free so there was no ascites to check. I am guessing this is a good thing :) I just have some fluid around my lungs. I do have bloating periodically throughout the day which corresponds to what I eat etc.

2. I am prepared for either another primary or for my ongoing primary to actually be Ovarian that was mis-diagnosed. I don't think or can't imagine that PPC would mets to the ovary. BUT stranger things have happened ?????

I am that used to bad news that I feel totally numb now and just need to know what the heck is going on inside of me.

Will post again tomorrow when I know the outcome.

Thanks Tina xx

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Tina, I asked my mom about her ovaries at time of diagnosis. She remembers that the doctors were a little unclear about the ovaries, but the docs seemed to say they were fine. One doctor said they thought her cancer originated in her fallopian tubes. Thinking of you and hoping for the best for you.

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However, my cancer was found encompassing my ovary. It was appendix cancer with peritoneal mets, including one that surrounded but didn't penetrate my right ovary. That was where my cancer was originally found.

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Tina Brown
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I have just had a check up with my oncologist. He looked at my reports from my chest x-ray and ultra sound.

He is unconcerned about my abnormal ovary and suggested that it had always been that way so there was no change.

He was puzzled about the chest x-ray that showed I had an en-larged heart. I was looking and feeling so well and displayed NONE of the symptoms of heart failure. He says that x-rays can sometimes distort tissue and my results were not accurate.

So I will be having a CT which will give a much better picture of what is going off.

I am so relieved and on the plus side my plueral effusion (fluid around my lungs) has not increased at all since Dec 2010. This was the best news because having fluid around my lungs is the indicator that my cancer is back.

Thank you for all of your good wishes. I am feeling quite up beat :)

Tina xx

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I am so pleased to hear your good news Tina, you have every reason to be feeling upbeat, I hope you are going to celebrate in some way..... Go on you certainly deserve it!! X

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I am so happy for you. I know how scared you were...we all would have been. So glad it worked out so well! Go celebrate and put all this behind you for a while...you seem to be doing fine!

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Was really glad to hear that your oncologist has been positive. I've been worried for you. It's all the uncertainty, but to be ok as regards the pleural effusion since December of last year is so good. This disease seems to take us to new lows only to find we didn't have to go there in the first place. :)

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Hello again

Just read your post and glad to hear you had some good news. I hope you continue to be up beat; well done!


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That is great news Tina! I am so happy for you! Keep up your good spirit, you encourage many of us!


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