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**Another Shout Out To Laurissa and Kari**

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Just wondering how your chemo is going Laurissa. How are you feeling?

And Kari, did your counts go up where you can start your chemo?

Lots of prayers for you both,

Sue :)

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Wish I could say I'm feeling great, but can't. I hope Kari is doing better than I am. I don't get why I got chemo with low wbc and she didn't. My stomach is crampy, I think its chemo related. Now I've got mouth sores and hurts too bad to brush my teeth. Used a waterpik and made them bleed. Salt water isn't helping. Have no appetite, but I'm drinking most of my calories. Ensure is keeping me going. And sister is helping alot too. What should I do about my mouth? Now my daughter at home has a bad cold and can't be around her. I'm in bed with a heating pad most of the time, just my percocet and xanax and that helps alot. I get on here couple times to read about how kari is doing. Hope she's ok. I get confused easy and misspell words often. How weird. Thanks for asking.

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I was hoping and praying that you would be feeling somewhat better Laurissa. I am so very sorry that you aren't.

I don't know anything about what might help you with the mouth sores. Hopefully someone on here that has had them will post some helpful tips for you.

Please know Laurissa that we all are praying for you and cheering you on to keep your strength up.

Sue :)

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I don't think Kari has posted since she said she can't have chemo yet because her count is too low. I hope we hear something soon from her.

I am very sorry that you are having to go thru all of this. I hope another pink sister can help with info on mouth sores.

Keep fighting!

♠♣ Love, Susie ♠♣

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Laurissa. Can you just maybe suck on ice chips to relieve the sores just a bit? Sending you prayers and hugs,


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So sorry Laurissa. It is good to see you post though. I thought maybe baking soda would help with the mouth sores.

Hugs, Leeza

Cindy Bear
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Hi Laurissa. I wish you were feeling better... I did reply to your other post on mouth sores. I have heard some ladies mention something called "magic mouthwash" you need a prescription for it. Please call and have somebody phone it in for you.. why should you suffer when there are things available that really work.
Good luck and Hugs,

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Hey my friend I also wrote on your last post. I am so sorry your back in treatment. When my stomach was sick I ate vanilla waffers and that helped a bit.I hope you feel better soon.Call for mouth sores and get help. Take care, Hugs

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Sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers!

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