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Inadvertently deleted this with the iPad....

For those new to a cancer dx, as well of for those of us who have been dealing with this for some time, LIVESTRONG.com offers a variety of resources. Recently I ordered their guidebook, which is available for just the cost of shipping. I find it to be an excellent resource, and one I wish I'd had when I was first diagnosed.

The website for the guidebook is:


From there you can go to the home page and check out all the other resources, including access to counselors.

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LIVESTRONG is open minded with regard to complementary therapies.
They have great tools for exercise and body mass calculators for BMI.

Remember LIVESTRONG walk long.

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I highly recommend filling out their intake form. They have a very wide variety of services. They will connect you with organizations to assist in many different areas. And they are on top of things - I was contacted by many services within 24-48 hours of filling out the intake form. I now keep in touch with someone watching for clinical trials for me. I was given a list of possible financial resources for me. I was given some other information for programs that unfortunately don't exist in my area through the YMCA.

I got their resource book and bracelet at no cost.


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I'm fortunate that I live in Dallas and my treatments were at a cancer center that Lance Armstrong had donated money so they have the latest IMRT equipment. I was given the notebook when I started treatment and I keep it current because it contains so much information that my family may need one day. Lots of good info on the website too.

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