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Curiosity question

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Joined: Feb 2011

Did you lose your pubic hair with radiation, and if so, did it come back? Just curious ... certainly not a big issue.

Ooops ... I found this info in another discussion item in March ... however, would still like to hear your experience.

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Hello, Yes I did and yes it did. I wish you well. Lori

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Lost it, but it found its way back!

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Three to four months after treatment, the pubic hair returned. On my yahoo and my head. :0

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Posts: 1413
Joined: May 2009

Very funny your yahoo. I had a biopsy on my perineum today and my friends father had prostate cancer and had radiation also, and I asked if he was burned at the perineum, and he said at the taint, and I said taint? Taint the vagina and taint the rectum, lol never heard that before.

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lost it and never got it back....

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lost it and it did come back!

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and not much came back. But that's okay with me.

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Memphis Mary 49
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Sounds very individual. Wonder where I will end up. Pretty much a cue ball down there right now! :)

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