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need a bit of advice

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Hi all, been lurking and having a busy summer. I need some helpfor my sister. She does not have a computer. She had a colon resection, the sutures burst, ended up in icu with perintinitis.(?) they had to open her up and mop up the infection and just leave it open. she has to let it heal from the inside out. now she has a bag for 3-6 months. This has thrown her emotionally and physically. She told me the place the bag is supposed to stick to is so sore and raw she can barely stand it. her nurse doesnt say much. since i am in fl. and she is in pa i can't go see what is happening and i have no experience with the bag i am asking if you have any suggestions.
Just to recap. Mary is part of my family that I went to meet for the first time.My daughter found my siblings through ancesters. com. I was adopted and none of us new about each other. It was an amazing time, except for Mary's surgical complication. or should I say screw up?
Thanks in advance for you help.

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Hi Judy, I had the same thing. And some big problem with getting the appliance to stick to my skin. Your sister needs to have a real good session with the stoma nurse I think. There was a spray and also a powder I used to use for that which helped create a barrier to allow the skin to heal and it really did work for me. There is a spray that doesn't sting so if hers does, let her know there is another one. It took a few days but the improvement was pretty fast and so noticeable!

love and hugs, Gail

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Dang Girlfriend!..... I have been wondering where the heck you went to! So sorry to hear all this about your sis. Gail seems to have a good suggestion there and I am sure you will get others chiming in. I don't have no advice to offer but can send out a prayer and some good vibes! So glad to hear from you. Take care.


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Hi there Jennie, been busy meeting new relatives, visiting. etc.
I am doing well, on xeloda for 6 months. Last 2 blood tests came back good. Just have a bit of fatigue, and runs to the bathroom every once in a while. Been very lucky.
Of course your good vibes and prayers are appreciated. Hope you are doing well. I have some catching up to do.
Hugs, Judy

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Thanks Gail. I will let her know. I appreciate your responding.
Hugs back to ya,

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Look through this catalog for some products that might help:

Shield Health Care Ostomy Supplies

She can then ask her WOCN nurse to get her the items she thinks she could use.

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i had the same problem with my bag. it was constantly burning and so painful. sometimes what would help me is after removing the bag and getting ready to put on another, i would lay on the bed and kind of let the air get to that area. i kept a warm wet washcloth with me for leakages. with the wax gasket my husband would smooth the edges and get it a little warm. i know if the edges are rough at all it can cause soooo much pain. i looked forward to bag changes just for a little relief. then we would apply the gasket and bag. i will be praying for an answer for her. take care, barb

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It is the type that forms a barrier that protects the irritated skin from the adhesive and gives immediate relief from the burning that the liquid and raw skin does to you...It is a brand new never opened bottle that I ordered to keep "just in case"...This seems to be the "just incase" needed.....Either send me your address or her address and I will get it out first thing in the morning....You simply powder your raw area and it forms a seal and protective barrier that helps tremendously from the pain....The same thing that Blake is referring to............PM me your addy or whomever you want me to send it to if you would like it..I don't think there is anything worse feeling than raw skin........waiting on PM.........buzz

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Thank you for sharing that. I will let her know.
Your prayers are appreciated.
Hugs Judy

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thank you so much. I will tell her to look into it.
Hugs , judy

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thank you everyone! I knew i would find help here.
I wish i could get my sister to get a computer. She needs the support. still working on that.Meanwhile I will be her voice here.
God Bless,

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Having skin iritation is something which can happen with the stoma appliance.

Every time I change mine I use a special adhesive wipe to remove all the old 'glue', wash with a soft paper towel with an antibiotic soap, rinse well with a wet paper towel and then dry the area. I then put on a dusting of Karaya Powder, which is labeled for peristomal skin protection. A 2.5 oz bottle cost me about $14, but that lasts a long time. It is safe to use on skin which is oozing from the irritation.

You might also suggest that she try a different appliance manufacturer. Most will send samples for free so she can try them out without commiting to a full order. I have heard that some folks get problems from adhesives used.

I also find that taking a warm bath or shower just before changing helps to loosen the glue and wax seal so they remove more easily with less damage to skin. I would imagine a warm wash cloth over the appliance would also help if she is prevented from getting all over wet due to other wound.

Talking to and keeping in touch with a stoma nurse is a good thing to do if possible, as I am sure they have helped others with similar issues.

If any other issues come up, don't hesitate to ask.


Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you Marie, I will pass on your advice.
I hope to talk with her today.

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I posted this awhile back, and since then I have a new Ileostomy.
(I also have the old stoma to take care if, and it is a marvel of

With the new Ileo, I have switched to Convetec Durahesive
wafers and pouches. For some reason my body's chemistry
has changed, and the Coloplast products will no longer work
for me at all!

Here's the original post:

Stoma care

A couple of things that I do for my ileostomy is the same for
any ostomy, and they are all what the manufacturers tell us to do.

1. Wash the peristomal area with warm/hot water only, do not use
soap of any kind, since they all leave a residue and degrades the
adhesive qualities of the appliance. Any type of adhesive remover
can damage the peristomal skin and lead to rashes and leakage.

2. Dry the peristomal area thoroughly, using a dry paper towel,
since many tissue products and cloths can leave a residue that
can degrade the adhesive qualities of the appliance.

3. Do not use any topical dressing under the appliance, since
most are not compatible with the adhesives, and can cause
rashes, and/or degrade the adhesive qualities of the appliance.

4. Pastes are for filling depressions in the skin and are not used
as an adhesive or as a sealant. Pastes will dissolve in liquid and
in human excretion.

5. Additional seals such as the "Eakin" brand, Hollister brand "Adapt"
rings, or other similar types, are best for adding additional sealing
quality to the appliance.

6. If the stoma is inverted, or not protruding a sufficient amount from
the body, a convex seal may be required to gain the seal needed to
reject waste from exiting under the appliance.

7. After applying the appliance, warm the unit by cupping the hands
around the appliance, and pressing on the appliance firmly. Using fingers
to press in and around the stoma itself will help make a good seal. Body
heat is all that is necessary to set the adhesive.

All of that is basic. I get a haircut every three weeks, and I usually
change the wafer of my two-piece at about the same time. That's
the benefit of the two-piece appliances; you can leave the wafer on
as long as it stays on and doesn't begin to lift off or leak. The longer
you leave the thing on, the better your skin will be. They say that
each time you remove the appliance, you take some skin with it.
That's not too good for your skin's health....

The two piece appliances have many other benefits also. You can
change from your daily size pouch, to what is called a "stoma cap",
for short periods of time when you would like to feel less obstructed.
(did I say sex?) And it makes changing a worn out pouch to a new
one faster and easier, if the wafer is still in great shape.

Oh.. and you can easily shift the position of the pouch, if it's not
aiming the way you desire after you've applied it.

All brands make the two-piece units, and like vehicle brands,
everyone has their "best one". From what I've heard, Coloplast
has the fewest complaints regarding rashes and boo-boos.

I use the Coloplast Assura two-piece stuff, and have absolutely
no complaints.

Your sis probably has a "loop Ileostomy", where the Ileum has been
brought through the skin, cut in half, and sewn to the peristomal area.

It's a temporary stoma, but problematic, since the area between the
two "ends" are exposed to the acidic waste.that gets in between the
joined ends.

With any kind of stoma, the wafer or appliance should be cut to the
size of the stoma so that absolutely no area around the stoma can
be seen when the appliance or wafer is placed over it.

The "Convetec Stomahesive Powder" should be applied directly
to the sore areas without any other dressing under or over it.
The powder will heal the sore areas overnight, but it will fail to
work if there is any other dressing under the powder, or any other
type dressing over it; It it to be used alone!
(it's probably the best product in the world to heal the peristomal
area, when used as the manufacturer suggests!)

It's difficult to offer suggestions without direct contact with the
one with the problem.

Have sis call her surgeon and have him/her order a visit with a
WOCN nurse. There are many variables with any stoma problem,
so generic suggestions may not apply. One thing is for sure, however....
there is no need for her to suffer as she presently is. I personally
have tackled the "worst case scenario", and can attest to the fact
that no stoma is impossible to manage.

Tell her we're wishing her the best, OK?


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Thanks so much John I am going to copy and paste your instructions and mail it to her. Or read it over the phone.
I will certainly give her your good wishes. I can't believe she has no computer.
It really makes communication hard.

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