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"You want pluck?" Part II

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Carlene, remember when your pedicurist suggested a pluck for your toes? I have a Part II for you.

I've lost my hair and most of my eyebrows due to radiation. I wear a scarf and I've gone back to drawing on my eyebrows. Apparently I did too good of a job, because when I went to the salon, my pedicurist looked at me and asked, "You want eyebrow pluck?"


Hugs and Health


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lol! That is funny because I think they ask regardless if you need it or not. And all women's reactions are they same, "Do I need it?" and they are always like, "yes"

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I guess it would have been uncouth to respond, "I'm afraid it's going to be a long time before I get plucked."


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Hysterical !!! It's always nice to laugh- You guys crack me up !!

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thanks for the laugh I needed it today


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You really must have done a good job! But I also agree that they ask all the time. I had my eyebrows 'threaded' a few times, and the lady usually asks if I want my 'upper lip' done. Well, she must have magnification eyeballs because there was nothing there!

Anyway, threading is popular here in Michigan. It's done by ladies from India, using just a spool of thread - doesn't hurt as much, won't leave scars, much cleaner looking, and only $10! Check it out!

Thanks for the chuckles Leesa and Carlene!


P.S. When my hair started coming back and I was able to ditch my wig, I told my coworkers 'I won't complain about a bad hair day ever again - in fact I'm just have a HAIR day!'

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