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RAI + fooooood :)

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When you were in the radioactive period, what were the best things to eat? I've heard sour candies are good... is there anything else I need to purchase ahead of time to help me get through the first few days of being radioactive and fabulous? I welcome any tips from you all :)

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I sucked on Jolly Ranchers and Lifesavers to keep my salivary glands producing. One of my favorite treats was frozen banana slices dipped in all natural peanut butter I found at the grocery store. If you freeze the banana's and blend them in a food processor it tastes like banana ice cream.

I also liked frozen fruit smoothies. Mix frozen fruit with natural juice (whatever your favorite flavor) and blend.

I made and froze dishes like stuffed cabbage and spaghetti with meatballs to keep on hand for a quick microwave meal especially for when I was in isolation. I just used all natural ingredients making sure that nothing I used had iodine or salt in it and they tasted just like the meals I made without regard to iodine content.

Chicken or beef kabobs on the grill with fresh mushrooms, red, yellow and green peppers and zucchini was another favorite of mine. My family also liked it and they never missed the iodine. I marinated the chicken and vegetables in a home made marinade I found on the thyca website. I think it was balsamic vinaigrette with crushed or powdered garlic, pepper, non-iodized salt and a pinch of chili/cayenne pepper.

For a treat I ate acorn squash with non-salted butter melted inside and mixed with brown sugar. Just boil half of the squash (cut in half and hallow out the seeds) to soften for about 20-25 minutes, add the non-salted butter in the center hole and spoon in the brown sugar. Sweet potatoes are also yummy this way. You can also add a little bit of nutmeg.

Hope some of these will get you through the tough spots. I find that I still enjoy these foods and eat them on a regular basis.


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make sure you have a lot of choices being they did mine in patient i had no access to a store afterwords and being i was as often as i could sucking on one type or another of sour candies... the problem i ran into was i got bored with the same flavors so make sure you have lots of options.

the most important thing though is you are able to eat real food..(or hospital food) depending if your at home or in the hospital. Being able to have something that was not on the LID was nice.

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SunnyAZ and Nasher, these are wonderful suggestions - thank you for your posts! I am looking forward to real food!!

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