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Low Dose of I -131 Today

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Hi I'm new. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March, then had a TT in May and had thyrogen injections the past two days and received my RAI today. The dr. said I was getting 50 which is only 1/3 of the typical dose. He was kind of "whatever" about the regulations and kept saying "don't pee on anyone." He told me to drink a ton, pee a ton, and suck on sour candies and it would be flushed out and safe for me to be around others after 2 days. I was clear that I have two kids - 2 1/2 and 7 months and I am very worried about their safety. He kind of blew me off, as did my endocrinologist.

the kids are staying with my husband and mom at my mom's house and I'm at our home. I'm worried about when I should have contact with them again and about possibly contaminating their things while I'm at home.

I don't understand why all the paperwork I signed says 10 days yet the doctor is telling me 2 days. Shouldn't things be more standardized it seems like everyone's doctors say different things.... I'm so confused and anxious.

Also holy crap am I tired and my stupid memory issues seem to have multiplied in the last couple hours...how is that possible??

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The variability in guidance from one institution to the next and one doc to the next is frustrating. It definitely needs standartization!

I would generally advise following the guidance of a nuclear med specialist over any other doc/specialist in the mix. That said, I got different advice from different nuclear med people too. My personal feeling is, even with lower dosages, if the burden on your family members to stay elsewhere for 10 days is not great, why not do that? Better safe than sorry is how I feel about the whole thing. Even when I only got 5millicurie doses I opted to work from home for two days - because I could. I was told it was no big deal but it made me uneasy so I figured what the heck. My largest dose was 100 and I did stay away from people for 10 days - a friend visited once or twice after four days for about 20 minutes, at a distance. I know it's harder if you have kids or pets - but those are the most vulnerable populations as well.

I didn't have memory issues so can't speak to that - but you shouldn't have that sort of hypo side effect on thyrogen, at least i don't think so.

May the 10 days go by quickly!

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Hello~ After I had my radiation (100), I was told to stay away from everyone for three days - but to stay away from young children, pregnant women and my 5 month old puppy for two weeks. Also, for the next couple of weeks I could be around people (except those mentioned above) but to keep my distance. Make sure that you suck on plenty of sour candies so that the radiation is flushed from your salivary glands (otherwise you could end up with dry mouth). I was also told to drink plenty of water and to flush the toilet three times after I used it.

I know it is confusing, but this board has some outstanding members with great advice. I guess I am more along the lines of better to be safe. Take care! ~Cheryl

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Thanks...this is so frustrating. The nuclear dr. said 2 days and I could be around everyone including my kids, but it doesn't sound like anyone goes near their kids after such a short time. I'm so anxious.. I'm pretty sure this worry that I'm going to do something to jeopardize my kids is the worst part of this whole cancer process.

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in 2 days most of the radiation has either stuck in thyroid or been passed out of the body. but in 10 days you have defiantly passed out pretty much all you will sweat and pee out as well as going through the 1 st 1/2 life of the radiation so the levels are a lot less.

if you contaminate there things remember in 8.1 days the contamination is at 50% then 8.1 days later at 25% then at 12.5 ... so even if you do contaminate things in 2-3 weeks it is all effective gone

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