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Diet once everything is done

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I have a question for those who have gone through the whole surgery and RAI business and are getting their lives back on track.

A friend of mine who is a doctor, advised that I should be staying away from seafood products / iodine as it may stimulate the thyroid cells. Has anybody else been told this?


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nope never heard of that

only time i ave been told to go low iodine is when they are doing the LID in preparation for a scan or such when they want the body to be low on iodine.

they supress your TSH to make sure your thyroid wont be stimulated

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I was told the same thing as Nasher. However, I can see how/why this doctor would recommend that. I am in the medical field and often wonder about intake of iodine especially while trying to keep any remaining thyroid cells suppressed. Iodine does feed the thyroid, so any cells that are left would be fed by it. If someone has not had RAI and still has remaining thyroid cells with a history of cancer, iodine might not be a good thing. The problem with this theory is that it's damn if you do; and damn if you don't. Other cells in your body need iodine to thrive, not just your thyroid.

Hope this sheds some light for you.


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