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Good Advice

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All I saw this post on another board here at CSN, I thought it was worth repeating here, as there are many out there that have problems with medical bills, its not ground breaking but it in my opinion is simply laid out and it makes alot of sense. So I hope it helps someone.

"My name is Mary and I have just finished treatment for uterine cancer (endometrial cancer and sarcoma of the uterus) stage 3C grade 3. I'm also in the medical billing field, I'm also dealing with massive bills.

My advice:
Make a list of everyone you owe.
Each day on your lunch break call one of the offices you owe and ask to apply for financial assistance. Do this until you have contacted all of the people you owe.
If the office does not have a financial assistance program, or if you don't qualify, start sending a "good faith" payment to everyone you owe even if it's only a dollar.
Along with your good faith payment send a short letter explaining why you can't pay the entire bill and that you will continue make monthly payments until the balance is paid off. Usually billing offices will not send you to collections if they are receiving $, even if it's a small amount.
Sometimes if the hospital gives you financial forgiveness, some of the other offices/labs will then follow the hospitals lead.

Another suggestion: Most employers who offer medical insurance also offer Flexible Spending Accounts. Since you will most likely have follow-up care, you can sign up for a FSA to cover next years deductible and co-insurance. Your employer will then take out a small amount out of each paycheck throughout the year.

I would also ask your human resources department at work if they have an employee assistance program. Some employers offer programs to help employees who are facing financial difficulties do to illness.

Best of Luck to you! : )"


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for the info.it just all gets overwhelming and this sounds like a good plan of action on all these medical bills...Godbless...johnnybegood

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