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lymph nodes - random question

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Hi - I had a sinus infection a few weeks ago, and I'm not experiencing tightness in the lymph nodes. I've had a TT in Feb (nodule was contained, according to the path report), but my mind always jumps to cancer when things like this happen. I've had the lymph tightness in varying degrees since the sinus infection, but it seems to be getting worse rather than better. Is this common? It is very uncomfortable :(

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I had a similar experience in january. I had a toothache,and it is was sore all down one side of my neck. I went to two doctors - one said dont worry, the second sent me for scans. I had to have the nodes removed in March. (my first surgeon should have taken them during the TT.) Oddly enough the only affected nodes were on the side that I diddnt have the toothache on!

You may just want to get things checked out - hopefully its just the infection causing problems, but you'll have some piece of mind.

Good luck - hope all is clear

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I also had a cold/sinus infection not long ago. Went on antibiotics and then had swelling in three lymph nodes on the side where I had all three surgeries. Went to my Endo then to my Oncologist and they did a FNA. No cancer, just enlarged nodes from the infection and residual RAI.

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