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Had new MRI July 6.

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Found out on July 7th that there are 30 lesions in my liver as opposed to the 15 that I was told were there originally. My Onc and his assistant were on vacation July 4th week so I didn't get to speak to the assistant until the 11th. What I thought was bad news turned out to be very good news. She told me the first Radiologist only counted up to 15 and stopped. Turns out I have no new lesions, most of them have shrunk in size by half after only 4 treatments. There is no cancer anywhere else including lymph nodes and to top it off, my CEA is at 2.9!!! YAY!!!! I have 7 more treatments to go; 7/29 will be my half way mark. I won't finish up with chemo until the 1st week of December but that's okay with me as long as it keeps shrinking the tumors and my tumor marker stays down. I am not having as bad a side effects as in the beginning. I used to be nauseous for about 8-10 days and on my 4th treatment I had 2 really bad days with nausea but this last one I only had a couple of hours where I felt bad. I don't know if it ties in somehow with how low my CEA is but who cares.....I just enjoy feeling half normal again. Even as extreme as the heat has been in St. Louis, I still can stand to be out in it for the most part. They will scan me again after my last treatment and depending on how the lesions look (hopefully they will be gone) and if the cancer is behaving the way they want it to, they will give me a chemo holiday! YAY again!! I'm hopeful I guess is what I'm trying to say. I get up every day and am just so thankful things are going well right now. I know we're not promised tomorrow but man I'm going to enjoy the tomorrow's I'm able to get up out of bed and get thru each one feeling good. Life is good right now and I'm going to take advantage of it while I can!


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That is really great that the side effects are minimal...will make enjoying those cooler beautiful autumn days (can't wait)even that much more pleasurable. It won't be long!!!

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Sounds like you got a good report after only minimal treatments and glad the side effects are getting better for you. Hope you continue to feel better.


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The days that we can smile through the storm are so very great....Hopefully after December it will stay where you can have all good days and just a very few quirks along the way ...The quirks I talk about are just small little incidents that keep us remembering to enthusiastically enjoy each and every day spared us......Here is hoping that everyday is wondrous for you, no matter how bad the storm gets..........love to ya.......buzz

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