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stopped by to say hi and update you all on Mark

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Hello all,

I know I haven't been on the board in a long time but I have been hanging with my husband while he is still here. For those who haven't a clue, my Mark was officially diagnosed on March 3, 2011 with Stage IV non small cell lung cancer with mets all along his aorta. He did do pallative radiation treatments for the tumor in his tummy/spine and on both sides of his jaw. As of this past Monday he is on full time hospice. He is also on liquid morphine and doing okay. He sits all day on the love seat and watches tv. In the morning he has a few hours nap and then another right before dinner. He is in some pain as the tumors are probably coming back. His last treatment was in the middle of June.

During the month of April his brother came down to visit along with my mother. It was great to have them here for a few days. His brother plans on coming down again soon. I have been working part time and only get paid for when I work so our financial situation has become very strapped! But we will finally be receiving SSDI after the long waiting period. I just hope he survives long enough to get a couple of checks under our belt.

But besides him being tired and cold all the time he seems to be "okay". And living in Florida...what cold???? I am sweating with the air on! The hospice nurses are really good around here and so is the chaplin. My husband never has been a real religious person as I am but he seems to really like the visits from Chaplin Hall!

Thanks for listening!

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Thanks for the update. Enjoy the moments.

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With respect to SSDI, you should expect a lump sum back payment as well, for any time following diagnosis when his doctors determined that he could not work, as I understand it. That is, the SSA recognizes how slow they can be (they don't put it that way, of course) and will cover up to a year of back payment provided there is proof of disability for that period of time. In your case, of course, diagnosis was only a few months ago. Still, hopefully that will happen for you and your husband and help at least a little in these most troubling times.

Best wishes to Mark and his family.

Take care,


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