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I am new here and my question is better suited for care givers i believe???

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July 21, 2011 - 1:43pm

thank u

I do have the end plans in order. that is not my issue. I was diagnosed in 2007 with ovarian, originating in the peritinerial wall. yes stage IV , already mastitized,and yes already running through lymphs. 5 surgeries, doing the 6th go round of chemo now. never had more than 4 months remission. I have not given up on chemo yet. It has been working to keep at bay. My question is about the physical progression, when the chemo regime is worse than having the disease. I will want to stop, or if they want to cut me again. cant bring myself to deal with specifically, anything like wearing the bag. I cant see allowing someone to keep taking pieces of me, and not have to benifit of being cured. I am leary of things that i dont know. I want a doctor or anyone to say well when it gets to your liver expect this, or when it reaches your lungs, expect that. I am not asking anyone to try to predict the future, these I thought were reasonable medical questions????? I am kool with god and all his plans for me. At the end has already been planned.

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I am not a caregiver, I have brain cancer, some in locations where it is inoperable. But I couldn't help but read your post and cry and smile at the same time. Our faith has kept us both going even when we didn't think we could any farther. But I also shed tears too, for another beautiful life, that at some point, God will call Home.

I have no words of wisdom or medical knowledge that can help you. But you are in my prayers and I pray God continues to show His Mercy, Grace, and Love to you and that you find the Peace you are seeking.


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you are in my prayers as well sweetie

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Faith, I think you are right to ask these questions, but the answers may be unknown. I've been helping my mother for almost 3 years, she's late stage ovarian, too. Her last PET showed mets in both lungs, central verterbrae, and a few other sites. But if my veterinarian brother had not helped me decode the language in the PET report, we would know nothing. The oncologist only says what he thinks Mom should hear, and he's probably right. Meanwhile, his nurse passes out copies of the PET report to the family.

One of the toughies with ovarian is that you can get pleural effusion from very slow-growing lesions in the chest wall, and the fluid makes you feel like your lungs are bad. Mom hasn't had that so far, but the docs listen carefully for it.

Mom's first symptoms of progression in her lungs was difficulty breathing on hot, humid days. Now she is winded by just about anything and is starting to have unproductive coughing spells that last a few minutes, several times a day. She's getting scared, who wouldn't? Live in today, honey. It's the best thing you can do.

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I am admiring your strength and courage as I read about your journey. doctors say very little. They can't predict the future, nor, in our experiences do they necessarily tell you what to expect. I just don't understand why they can't share anecdotes from their experience as a medical professtion As my wife stoicly laid in her hospital bed and I requested a meeting with all the docs, her onc finally said that this is her new baseline. She has this thing call the 'flat affect' where she often shows now emotion and her muscles are getting weaker - she has lung cancer, mets to the brain and cancer cells in the csf. I want to know what is causeing her decline so rapidly in the past few weeks and not one can really say. It is extremely frustrating.

I say keep being a squeaky wheel with the docs and get a second opinion if you don't get answers. Talk to the social workers that work with your docs. Pull out all the stops. You deserve it. keep asking questions.

Lots of hugs and prayers to you!!

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