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first tace

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hi everyone want to share this with you and get opinion.i had my first tace procedure and dr says he cant tell if the tumor shrank or not says it is nont just a round tumor. he yold me that i now have a blood clot and scheduled another tace next week really depressed here thanks for readind a replying

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Per my surgeon, sometimes results from TACE are not definitive until after the second or third procedure. From the results of my CT scan after my first TACE, it looked like the results were positive yet not definitive, so he did a second one eight weeks after my first. After my second, he saw definite shrinkage of my two largest lesions (and I have many) that he treated, but wanted to give my liver a rest before he would make the decision to do a third TACE. He reviewed my latest scan at the beginning of this month, and saw even more shrinkage of the lesions treated; all other lesions and mets remain stable. I'm now scheduled for my third TACE on July 25th. He says I'm doing remarkably well, and his nurse concurred and said she could forsee me living a lot of years in spite of my condition. For a little background, I have stage IV cholangiocarcinoma with liver and bone mets, no symptoms, cirrhosis, or hepatitis. Keep your chin up, going in to do a second TACE is positive. If this doesn't work, there are other options such as RFA, theraspheres, etc. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

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