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Sibling same as me

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Hello all. I am a 4 1/2 year colon cancer survivor (NED) Am one of those that used to come in here all the time, read and posted for 2 years. Now I just come in and read occassionaly. I just felt I needed to get away from cancer.

My sister was just dx'd with colon cancer in the same place I had it, ascending colon. How common is that? (haven't done any research)
Another question, I remember reading about some peoples "prep". Miralax, gatorade and a pill? Does anyone has the dosages and what pill it is?

You've all been so helpful and still are!

Oh...I just graduated to 1 year (seeing the Onco man)

Stage 3
colon cancer

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Hi Claudia,

I certainly do remember you. I'm glad to hear you're doing so well! Also sad to hear that your sister has now been diagnosed. I don't remember what the exact dosages are for prep, as some doctors prescribe the prep items differently. When I had my very first colonoscopy and did the prep, it was the Miralax, Gatorade, and a couple of Dulcolax pills. But, a year later when I did the prep again, they wouldn't let me do it that way and instead I was given a horrible salty, oily concoction in a big plastic jug. It was horrible & it was almost impossible to not throw up trying to get it all down. When I asked if I could do the other prep, they (the GI dr's office's nurse) told me no, that the other was too hard on the kidneys. So, I don't know- you'll have to ask the dr office.


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Congrats on the years!!!! YEA!!!

Sorry about your sister. 2 years after my dx's, my full blood sister was dx'ed with stage III anal cancer...a few CM's away from where mine was on the rectum...

Hugs, Kathi

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Mine was 4 dulcolax wait an hour mix 238 g (?) of miralax with a light colored gatorade (red nd grape look like blood in the colon) drink 8 oz every 15 minutes. Check with her doc as I may have messed up the dosages. I was up all night long. Wished someone told me to get some Depends, but I did not cramp and it was cheaper than the moviprep and it didn't taste nasty. Prior to the cleansing I ate light with no meat and I was clean as a whistle.

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That was the same as my doctor gave me. Don't like gatorade so I've always used propel water. It's colorless and flavored.


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My sister (brenda3_16) was daignosed with stage 4 cc in 3/09. She was 41 at the time of her DX. At that time I was advised to haave a colonoscopy at age 40. Luckily I did and they found a large canerous polyup in the same spot as her tumor. Polyup was removed, had scans and no further treatment was needed. We had genetic testing which all came back negative- not linked to genetics. Makes you woner though. Also we spent a lot of time together, Went the same places and ate A lot of the same foods. Environmenatl? Who knows. It seens a topic that more research should be done it. It seems it is becomming fairly comman.

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