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really depressed

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Joined: Jan 2010

my cancer came back ,my some prayers please ,i can't shake depression this time.please help thanks

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My prayers are with you.

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Maybe it would help is you told us a bit more about it. That way someone who has been down the same path may be able to help you. We all care and want to help you in any way possible.

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thank you for your responce, i was 37 when i was told i had stage 3b lung cancer,at that time my kids was 9 and 7 ,i went though 7weeks of radation and ended with 7000rads the most you could have and i had 10 days of chemo for 5-8 hrs a day . went into remission till three weeks ago i was told that it had came back. i knew it was poss. but wasn,t prepared for it now i have chemo every wednesday,for i don't know how long and my dr tells me today that recurring cancer chances of living is 2 to 3 years but maybe not that long .he said that i could poss. get back into remission but don't know. i'm scared for my kids.as well as for me. i have been going though the range of emotions to.

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Try and stay busy! I bet with 2 kids that is easy! People beat the odds all the time. Hope the chemo kicks butt!!!

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and positive thoughts coming your way! You have every right to be scared....you have been there before. You have to be strong and win this battle again. You did it once and you can do it again. Kick cancer butt. Look at your children and know you have to fight... for them and for you. I am sorry that you have to go thru this again and know you can come here for support. We understand and there are alot of folk on here that have been where you are going and can encourage and share info. Keep the faith and fight!

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My cancer came back after 4 1/2 years, next week I'll be starting radiation and chemo for 6 weeks. I know its hard I feel the same way and its so hard to have to go through it again but I have a friend that has been through it 4 times and he keeps on ticking. I'm a firm believer that he is still here because he fights it with the foods he eats and I've decided that is where the true cure is alone with the radiation and chemo, right along with waking up each morning and thanking god for another day, making it a happy day because that's all you can do is live one day at a time, don't waste them being sad.

I feel your pain and will keep you in my prayers.

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I beleive the stress and worry weakens the body and it's abilty to fight cancer. I pray you can set that stress and worry aside, live for today, enjoy every breath and every moment you have with your kids and family. Do the best you can to enjoy every moment you have & I pray it is for a long time. God bless you!

ann m
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I think it is only natural to go thru a range of emotions when faced with any kind of tramatic situation especially when it is something we don't want to believe. I'm still new to accepting that I have cancer as I was just diagnosed on June 3rd. I would think being told a second time that it's back can be just as bad as hearing the first time but you must also think of the knowledge you have now and what you will learn this time. I truly believe my circle of strength comes from my positive outlook, faith in God, medical intervention, family & friends support and healthy lifestyle.

Concentrate on your well being, inside and out. Positive attracts positive and we must get rid of the negatives. You can do it! God Bless you!

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I am sorry to hear this. I am new to this network and although the stories are sad, it is uplifting to see the support of others, even strangers. Know that you are not alone and we all pray for cures and strength for all suffering.

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I think its completly normal to feel like you are right now but keep reading these sites to be reminded of all the people who continue to live meaningful lives despite what they have been told by doctors..if your depression continues or gets worse I hope that you will seek the help that is out there to cope with this news...good thoughts and prayers your way.

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