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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

British 38year survivor

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I am British (Scottish actually) and had testicular cancer 38 years ago at the age of 22years. In those days surgery and radiation treatment was radical, but nevertheless life saving. Not knowing good from bad, the radiation treatment which I received spent twenty years or so slowly damaging my pelvic nerve system. The result is that I am now 60 years of age, disabled in that I cannot walk without crutches for more than 15 feet. However, the positive of this message is that a positive outlook is a strong tool to have in the box and that being severely disabled is 100% better than the alternative.

Good luck to all my fellow survivors.


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Hi Brian,
My first TC was 37 years ago at the age of 20, I was considered cured with surgery alone after a negative RPLND. There sure doesn't seem to be many of us from back then still around to talk about it, you are the first I've encountered that actually had TC before I did.

This is the first I've heard of disability from radiation treatments long after the treatments were given. My nephew just had radiation for TC this year, just wondering how long it took for the first symptoms to show up & how long before you were disabled enough to need crutches?


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Hi Dave,

So very sorry about the time lapse of this reply but I have only just now accessed the site again.

It was some 20 years from treatment to the presentation of first symptoms. These symptoms gradually worsened over the next 10 years after which time the degredation accelerated. I am now reliant on a wheelchair and/or mobility scooter and can only manage very short distances indoors using my crutches. My only complaint about this situation is that  the neurologist didn't want to buy my golf clubs!!!!

It is still wonderful to greet each new day and use as much as possible the upper half of my body. I do enjoy going to the gym as keeping fit helps to stay positive.

I do hope that this reply gets to you and that both you and your nephew enjoy your lives to the full.

Kind regards,


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I has a seminoma in 1975 at age 27. Had surgery to remove affected teste. Follow up treatment consisted of 3000 rads to lower abdomin.

I too have developed issues below the waist after 20 years with, issues that are all motor related. I have mobility issues now, drop foot and the like. I'm have managed various accomodations so still work out and play tennis [double only and I'm the slowest one around].

Good luck! 


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