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A 1.2cm lymph node & other particles found

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I had a CT scan done about 2-3wks ago. About a week later my Pulmonologist said the found a 1.2cm lymph node and other particles in my right lung. He said he wanted me to go for another CT scan in six months.

I was in the car at the time he phoned me and i could barely hear him, so I called back to ask additional questions and ge was out of the office until the following week. Then, instead of the doctor calling me, his staff called and said he wanted me at the hospital that day for another CT scan? When I asked why, she stated she would contact the doctor and get back to me. The next day his personal nurse phoned and said to get the test dine as soon as I get back in town, next week. I called and scheduled the exam immediately following the phone call from the nurse.

I'm quite concerned that my follow up went from six weeks to right now! No one will tell me anything and the doctor still hasn't called me, per my request, to answer my questions.

Can someone tell me if this is something I should be worried about? I think the doctor hasn't phoned me because I'm out of town and he doesn't want to get into specifics until I'm home.

Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated!

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... is a risky pursuit. My guess would be that maybe he ran his findings past a few more people and their call was "better to be safe," or he changed his own mind after thinking about it. I don't think you have any more cause for worry than you did from the original finding. You're either going to find out that something concerning is going on or not, and if so, you want minimal delay.

Know how you feel ... a lot of us have been there.

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What you said is true, no matter what I want an answer & sooner is better than later.

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I had a CT scan done on 6/10/11 showing multiple enlarged lymph nodes in the right lung. The primary nodual was 1.2 x 1.3 cm. Another CT scan was done on 7/6/11 showing the primary nodual changed and is now 1.2 x 2 cm. According to the Pulmonologist, in June 2008, my CT scan should absolutely nothing - my lungs were clear! All of a sudden, 3 years later issues are popping up on my current scans, but I'm told there is nothing to be concerned about?!?! Well, I'm concerned! I would think that signs of lymph node growth within just a few weeks would cause concern for the doctor as well.

Initially the doctor was concerned about a possible blood clot. The Ct scan report noted the examination was limited by suboptimal opacification of the pulmonary arteries. They also found a few lobular areas of air-trapping in the mid-lung. Again, I'm told I shouldn't worry?!?!

At this point I would think the doctor would request a biopsy or something. Am I over re-acting? I was told that they wanted me to know what was found because I smoke, but at this time there is no need to be concerned, huh????

I had cervical dysplasia in 1990/91. I was rushed into surgery to have a majority of my cervix removed. Hysterectomy in 1999 due to continued issues of concern. Breast biopsy on a 2 cm lump. I'm closely monitored by my gynecologist twice a year. Now this!

Again, I ask, am I over re-acting by being fearful of what was seen on my scans? Am I over re-acting by thinking additional tests or a biopsy should be done now rather than later?

I'm scared and I'm tired of limited information, and even more limited contact with a doctor that won't return my calls to answer my questions! At this point I'm thinking about seeking a second opinion, and soon!

Any words of wisdom to be shared about this issue would be greatly welcomed.

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Consider calling an experienced thoracic surgeon at a teaching university hospital that has a clinic for lung cancer. They know alot about CAT scans and can read whatever tests you have done already. You don't have to quit going to your current doctor in order to get the second opinion. Most doctors will help you with the paperwork to get the second opinion. It seems as if I always get into medical trouble during the summer months and that's a lousy time to stay in touch with doctors because you have to play around the vacation time (both yours and their's). Waiting time for a specialist is often around a month no matter what the time of year so start sooner rather than later to get your appointment. If you find a thoracic surgeon that does the VATS procedure(minimal surgery to take care of lung problems rather like laproscopy), you will have the expert you need already if problems seen require specialized surgery. Also, you will know if anything is being ignored.

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