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Need guidance

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My mother was diagnosed Liver Cancer and it has created a huge impact in our lives, I am her only daughter...she will have her first quimotherapy treatment this comming weak, however her eating habits have changes tremendously, she has not appetite and is so week, is anyone going through this? I am so afraid of loosing my mother don't know what to say to make it better for her, don't know what to do to encourage to eat. So much going through our heads, it is just been nerve recking.

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So sorry to hear about your mother's diagnosis. Have you discussed her loss of appetite with her oncologist, and did she lose it before or after her diagnosis? If the problem is a physical one caused by the cancer (and perhaps later the chemo), her oncologist may want to prescribe an appetite stimulant. Good nutrition is so important in her fight against cancer. I have fortunately never had the problem with appetite loss, but I do find that food sometimes is not very appealing to me as my taste has changed. Somedays nothing sounds good to eat, but I make myself drink fresh fruit smoothies, drink a few Ensure or Boost nutrition drinks or have some type of soup to at least get nutrients in my body. I also take all of my supplements faithfully, one of them being a good multivitamin. If she has favorite foods, having them readily available for her may help her at least eat something. Smaller portions eaten more frequently do help also. Please try to keep her spirits up, and yours as well. I know her diagnosis is daunting and depressing not only for her but to those that love and care about her. I was diagnosed with stage IV cholangiocarcinoma (metastasis to my liver and bones) last June, and have just passed my one year anniversary. With the support of my family, friends, and medical team, and with sound nutrition and good rest, I'm healthier today than I was then. Please let us know how your mother is doing, she'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

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Hello Ellenadlor. So sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis. I wanted to share with you that my husband when first diagnosed went through not wanting to eat. what I would do is bring him soft foods in small amounts. at first i'd help him sit up and he would take just the tip of a spoonful and say that he did not want anymore. he also had nausea and weakness. little by little I would ask him to take a little more food. He did not want anything that was not soft or liquid for a while and had to introduce other foods one at a time. literally one bean at a time. It is very difficult to say the least. I asked him if he wanted to get better. he said yes and I told him I would help him. someone on this board mentioned they were using nutrition shakes and I gave him those and that plus a change to a vegeterian diet has helped tremendously. Make sure your doctor has a hopeful attitude even when they are giving you the bad news. Prayer also helps. I will pray for you and your family. keep strong!

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Our doctor just walks in and says ok you're going to die in 6months. Meanwhile, Michaels labs cont to improve.ndoc and I had a long talk last time so we will c how he acts this time.

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So sorry to hear of your dear Mother's diagnosis. I agree with the others, that a loss of appetite is a subject that has to be addressed to your mother's oncologist. Steroids can be given that stimulate appetite, my husband has never lost his appetite and he gets steroids with his chemotherapy. Also depression could be a contributing cause . After a devastating diagnosis, many patients temporarily do through a "down" period, but since nutrition is sooooo important to long term outcomes, I would encourage the use of nutritional supplements as, Boost or Ensure, at least until her appetite can be stimulated again. Bless you and may you have the strength to walk this difficult journey. Caregivers suffer a different, but just as hard to bear burden. Be Strong!

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I am so sorry to hear about your mother. My mother was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago and it has been a long road. At first mom's chemo didn't have much of a side effect other than being tired but after a day or 2 she was fine. She continued to go to work everyday up until March of this year. That was when she started radiation for the first time.
I pray that your mother doesn't have a Dr with an attitude like my mother's has. He came into the room last week and annouced that the radiation had not been helpful and that the cancer had grown. There is a treatment they can do using a permanant port and then he walked out the door. After radiation, mom lost her appetite and became tired, and in some pain.
I can't give you an answer because I am searching for some myself at this point, but I can offer you a friend. Anytime you need someone to support you just let me know. Caregivers, I have found over the past few years, suffer in a much different way. I will keep your family in my prayers and I hope you hear nothing but positive news.

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Hi Ellen
I was diagnose with stage 4 liver cancer and Hep C in March 2010, at the time they said nothing can help, it was terminal, they gave me a year to live .. well I am stubborn and a fighter and refused to give up, my attitude and nexavar has helped, in the year and a half I have been taking it, I did lose 30 lbs. but I am in better shape now then before I was diagnosed, my AFP count has dropped from over 1800 to 15, the most important thing you can do is keep youtr moms spirits up and to stay positive, My Prayer and strength I will send to your mother and you. Let her know she can beat this, the attitude is very important to stay positive and believe you can beat this, and with the lord and your doctors it can happen .. God Bless

p.s. Stay Positive and believe ..

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